China claims successful attack on Japanese military satellite; destroyed control chip with “secret weapon”

Shenlong Space Plane

Shenlong Space Plane

The following is a translation from Chinese media:

Chinese media claims, without reference to specific sources, that the space intelligence section of Japan Self-defence Forces revealed in its newest intelligence that China has destroyed the control chip of a Japanese spy satellite with a secret weapon.

The attack reportedly happened when the satellite was tracking a Chinese J-20 stealth fighter jet in northwestern China. The satellite is the third Japanese spy satellite launched from Kagoshima, Japan.

There are also claims by China that analysis by US military, like the previous incident of Chinese military blinding a US spy satellite with laser, is that this was China’s move to display its military strength in space.

Chinese media goes on to claim that US analysts believe that China used the electromagnetic pulse weapon Poacher One in the attack. That is China’s top secret military research and development project.

The PLA’s electromagnetic weapon Poacher One is able to transmit an electromagnetic pulse of several megawatt continuously for one minute to destroy all military and civil electronic information and communications systems operating within a few kilometres. It can also destroy an enemy’s internal chips.

The report claims further that US military previously revealed that the PLA had sent a satellite near a US spy satellite and blinded it with spray of coating on its camera. PLA has lots of means to attack and interfere with satellites. US military is concerned that neutralisation of US satellites by PLA’s space force will be its nightmare in war.

However, the development of anti-satellite technology does not stop there. It may be the basis for the technology to intercept an ICBM. That will be a much greater worry for the US military.

Editor’s Note: The claims made by Chinese media about Japanese and American military do not specify any sources.

Source: “Japanese satellite lost track of a J-20 it detected: There can be no doubt about China’s anti-satellite capability” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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