China: Can 20 plus years of prosperity after suppression at Tiananmen justify the massacre?

Click above to go to Chan Kai Yee's website "Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements"

Click above to go to Chan Kai Yee’s website “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements”

On every anniversary of the Tiananmen Protests, one of the most infamous events in Chinese history, a government spokesman is asked by reporters about the Tiananmen Massacre, despite that they clearly know the forever repeated answer.

No exception this year. “…conclusion reached long ago”, the spokesman said.

But what is the conclusion? Counter-revolutionary riot or political turmoil?

The government spokesman always mentions the achievements in economic and social development to hint that the massacre is justified.

Hu Jintao was more straightforward. He said at the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) work conference on February 14, 2001: “If the political disturbance (referring to Tiananmen) had not been handled resolutely and correctly, it would have been impossible for the situation of prosperity and stability to have emerged today.”

Li Peng, the Tiananman butcher whose hands are stained with the Tiananmen heroes’ blood, was very happy that Hu said that. He quoted Hu’s words in his Li Peng’s Diary to justify his killing, and to vilify the Tiananmen Protests as counter-revolutionary riots.

In my book “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements” I remind people of the CCP’s track records of bringing disasters to the nation, including Mao’s Great Famine and the Cultural Revolution, when the CCP was dominated by uneducated workers and peasants, in the period from 1958 to 1976. Note: Without the enthusiastic support and implementation by those workers and peasants, Mao would have been unable to commit such heinous crimes, and  to bring such unprecedented disasters to China.

In my book, I pointed out as Deng was very old, and major reformist Zhao Ziyang had no power, China’s reform was doomed if there was no Tiananmen Protests to give rise to panic of collapse throughout the CCP.

I described the emergence of a new generation of talented intellectuals during the Cultural Revolution who studied hard and made preparations for seizing party and state power from the uneducated workers and peasants, and to establish intellectuals’ dominance.

With their help, Jiang Zeming exploited the panic caused by the Tiananmen Protests to carry out a silent peaceful coup. As a result, he has not only established intellectuals’ dominance, but also justified China’s pursuit of capitalism by his Three Represents.

Therefore, in my book, I said:

It was Tiananmen that enabled Jiang Zemin and the Shanghai Faction led by him to enter China’s power centre….it was the Tiananmen Protests that have enabled Jiang Zemin to accomplish not only an economic but also a political reform much more thorough and radical than that Zhao Ziyang and Deng Xiaoping attempted to. It was the Tiananmen Protests that has made China’s current prosperity possible.

The Tiananmen Protesters’ contribution to China’s decades of prosperity is the major story detailed in my book. If people are all aware of that, the CCP’s spokesman will no longer be able to defend the massacre by pointing out China’s prosperity after the massacre. Tiananmen heroes, and the the general public in China and abroad, will no longer think that those heroes have made efforts, risked their lives, shed their blood and suffered persecution in vain.

China’s democracy and rights fighters will be more confident in carrying on those heroes’ struggle for democracy and human rights.

In addition to the main story, there are also stories based on my personal experience and knowledge about the Mao era, especially the crimes, corruption, prostitution and other evils in the era that people falsely believe to be a clean Utopia.

The most important is the story of educated youth’s hunger strike that put an end to Mao’s rustication of urban educated youth, with the excuse of re-educating them, that started the CCP’s pursuit of capitalism.

The hunger strike caused the return to their home cities of 30 million educated youngsters, and greatly aggravated the already very serious urban unemployment. It forced the CCP to allow the establishment of small private enterprises, which led to the emergence of a prosperous private economy, and made the CCP leaders understand the benefits of capitalism.

I also gives detailed descriptions of those intellectuals, their secret meeting, their rise into Jiang Zemin’s Shanghai faction, the story of how Jiang Zeming was helped by the panic caused by applying the Chinese art for being an emperor in establishing his powerbase and control of the troops, overcoming conservatives’ obstinate resistance. Certainly, that is a very long story that has to be described in a book.

Three years after the publication of the first edition of my book, I now publish the expanded second edition, which contains all of the first edition, with some supplements and detailed stories. This include the recent fierce power struggle for succession between the conservatives led by Bo Xilai and the reformists, and Xi Jinping’s struggles against corruption and official despotism, and for further reform.

I write the stories using my technique of looking through the three Chinese black boxes on the basis of the information in public domain, especially Xi Jinping’s mystic absence for 2 weeks to visit powerful elders and be empowered by them to carry out his struggles.

The expanded second edition of “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements” will be on sale at in a few days time, when a small glitch about American withholding tax is overcome. In order to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Protests, if Createspace, the distributor of my book, allows, there will be 50% discount on the printed version and 70% on the kindle version of my book during June 2014. Readers are advised not to buy the book in haste until the discount is available.
Originally published on Chan Kai Yee’s website ‘Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements”

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