Hong Kong Legislative Council Stormed

This just in...

This just in…

Unarmed protesters overran security and occupied another legislature, this time over construction projects and what is reported to be something like “crony capitalism”. Here is a link to a video from Apple Daily and another link to an article from Taiwan’s Sunflower Facebook Page.

The complete Facebook article:

A group of demonstrators stormed Hong Kong’s Legislative Council this afternoon, to protest development of the north-eastern part of the New Territories, which is widely seen as benefiting a handful of land developers and construction companies.

As the demonstrators pointed out in their official announcement (http://www.inmediahk.net/node/1023420; in Chinese), key members of the Legislative Council’s Financial Committee either hold high-ranking positions in the banking and construction sectors, or stand to profit directly from reimbursements and kickbacks. This afternoon, dozens of protesters managed to overcome security, and began to stage a sit-in protest in the lobby of the the Legislative Council; by evening, as more and more people joined the protest, police were called in and the doors were closed, prompting scuffles between the protesters and security (see http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/realtime/news/20140606/52557282; in Chinese).

As of 21:45, the Legislative Council has halted deliberations for the day, with the New Territories development project currently left unresolved.

Source: Pacific Daily Times


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  1. Hongkong citizens has the right to choose their fate. Let independ Hongkong run their country. Let freedom flow against Evil China rule in Hongkong. The world will support Hongkong on their quest for true freedom against ChinA communism. United you stand, divided you fall. Better call USA and UK to help Hongkong people to attain their right for self determination. There is nothing more precious to independence. Just be careful because China might repeat the Tianamen Massacre but don’t be afraid because God is watching. Fight for your true independence.



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