China takes dispute with Vietnam to UN

Oil Rig

Oil Rig

China took its dispute with Vietnam over its deployment of an oil rig in contested waters to the United Nations on Monday, accusing Hanoi of infringing on its sovereignty and illegally disrupting a Chinese company’s drilling operation.

China’s deputy ambassador Wang Min sent a “position paper” on the rig’s operation in the South China Sea to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday and asked the U.N. chief to circulate it to the 193 members of the General Assembly.

China sent the rig into disputed waters on May 1, provoking a confrontation with Vietnamese ships, complaints from Hanoi, and street protests that turned into bloody anti-Chinese riots. Hundreds of factories were damaged and China said in the paper that four Chinese citizens were “brutally killed” and over 300 injured.

The oil platform is located about 32 kilometers (20 miles) from the China-controlled Paracel Islands, which Vietnam also claims, and 278 kilometers (173 miles) from the coast of Vietnam.

According to the paper, the state-run China National Offshore Oil Corporation has been conducting seismic operations and well site surveys in the area for the past 10 years and the drilling operation “is a continuation of the routine process of explorations and falls well within China’s sovereignty and jurisdiction.”

China accused Vietnam of “illegally and forcefully” disrupting the rig’s operation by sending armed ships and ramming Chinese vessels.

“Vietnam also sent frogmen and other underwater agents to the area, and dropped large numbers of obstacles, including fishing nets and floating objects, in the waters,” it said.

The paper said Vietnam’s actions violated China’s sovereignty, posed “grave threats” to Chinese personnel on the rig and violated international laws including the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea.

It cited numerous references to back its claims that the islands “are an inherent part of China’s territory, over which there is no dispute.”

Calls to Vietnam’s U.N. Mission and its spokesman seeking comment were not answered.

Vietnam, which has no hope of competing with China militarily, said soon after the $1 billion deep sea rig was deployed that it wants a peaceful solution, but a top official warned that “all restraint had a limit.”

Source: ABC News – China Takes Dispute With Vietnam to UN

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  1. You have have tried some fudging to put the rig location further from Vietnamese shore line and closer to the Triton sand islet (couple of hundred feet long at high tide) and called it Paracel, but advance technology and easily verifiable search engine shows 15,33,22 north latitude and 111,34,23 east longitude (moving north, tilting west 4 times) or 120 miles from Vietnamese coast and 280 miles from nearest Chinese coast of Hainan. Since, neither Triton nor Paracel (total square miles of all 30+ features are 2.8 at low tide and 1/2 of that at high tide) is naturally, live sustainable and small – they qualifies for no EEZ at all and UNCLOS wise may not even granted the 12 miles territorial water right. Regardless what distance, numbers and how China is moving it closer to Hainan this rig is violating international laws and Vietnamese sovereignty. Furthermore, Chinese lawless enforcement and barbarian behaviors are on full displays with warships, airplanes, steel hulled and spiked fishing ships along with marines police… ramming, injuring people and sinking ships… require not just a UN session but, global intervention on behalf of laws and humanity.



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