Japan and Philippines move to stengthen military ties in maritime disputes with China

Both Philippines and Japan see China as a threat to regional security

Both Philippines and Japan see China as a threat to regional security

The Philippines and Japan are moving ahead with strengthening their security and economic cooperation, with Japan giving defence equipment to the Philippines and invoking the right of collective self-defence in the maritime dispute with China.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe faced the media following their summit meeting and expanded working luncheon at the Prime Minister’s residence in Tokyo.

In that summit, Abe called the regional situation as “severe.” He also affirmed a rules-based approach to resolving conflicts.

“In the face of the regional situation becoming increasingly severe, both nations are closely coordinating. I reaffirmed with President Aquino today the significance of the three principles of the rule of law, which I outlined at the Shangri-la dialogue and at the G7 meeting. I explained to the President about the approaches we are taking under the policy of proactive contribution to peace, namely the drawing up of the three principles for the transfer of defence equipment and the studies which are underway on relationship between the right of collective self-defence and the Constitution,” he said.

The prime minister said this is his fourth summit meting with Aquino. He said the discussions were rich in substance especially in terms of strengthening the two countries’ strategic partnership as Japan helped the country rebuild and recover after typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

Abe said they also discussed approaches to peace, the transfer of defence equipment as well the right of collective self defense.

On the economic front, the prime minister said the two countries will boost ties as Japan relaxed visa requirements for Filipinos.

“On the economic front, we agreed to boost our ties further so that both sides may grow together. I convey to the President that we could continue to support approaches taken by the Philippines in urban infrastructure improvement and other areas. I also informed the President about the relaxation of visa requirements for the Philippines toward the promotion of human exchange. It is hoped that many tourists from the Philippines would visit Japan,” he said.

He added: “The President and I agreed to further strengthen our cooperation and security in areas such as disaster relief, building on the track record of cooperation such as that I have described.”

For his part, President Aquino thanked Abe for Japan’s assistance after Typhoon Haiyan.

He also recognised the challenge of safeguarding regional security at this time.

“At the heart of this present visit are two important areas of engagement between us: the cause of securing lasting peace and development in Mindanao, and the challenge of safeguarding our region’s security by advancing the rule of law to protect our global and regional commons,” Aquino said.

He added, “Japan is a strategic partner of the Philippines. It is thus incumbent upon us to have continuous dialogue as we jointly face the changing dynamics of our regional security environment.”

President Aquino arrived in Japan at 11:04 a.m. for his one-day visit to the country. From Haneda Airport, Aquino motored to the old Prime Minister’s residence where he was received by the Prime Minister.

Aquino and Abe went straight to their own summit meeting, which was followed by an expanded working luncheon with members of the delegations of both leaders.

Abe affirmed his country’s support for the Mindanao peace process. Japan hosted a meeting between Aquino and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front leadership years ago, paving the way for peace negotiations that culminated with the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro.

The agreement was signed last March but the Executive has yet to file before Congress the draft Bangsamoro basic law, which will institutionalise the agreement.

Japan is one of the Philippines’ strategic allies. It is also one of its top donors and top trading partners.

Filipinos comprise 10 percent of all foreign nationals living in Japan and are the third largest population of foreigners. As of December 2013, there are 206,769 Filipinos in Japan, of whom 5,722 have no valid visas.

Source: ADS-CBN News – PH, Japan explore ‘collective self-defense’

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3 replies

  1. It is no surprise Collective Defense draft to ‘protect allies like Philippines’ is made while Aquino is in Tokyo. While Filippinos don’t realise it, I want to say loud and clear TWICE: Philippines is a Useful Idiot for US. Philippines is also a Useful Idiot for Japan. Lightning strike twice on Manila. That can only happen to a nation run by dim bulbs.

    “In a Tokyo meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Philippine President Benigno Aquino expressed his support for Abe’s attempt to circumvent a constitutional ban on collective self-defense.”

    And with these two half a loaf democracies, sure nothing is surprising when it is ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours’. What do one expect from Aquino when he don’t even dare to sign on the EDCA with US? Remember EDCA was done illegally without Philippines Senate approval, so Aquino will of course support Abe’s attempt to circumvent Article 9 of Japanese Constitution. EDCA like a virus defiled MDT by illegally attaching itself to MDT without the MDT host willingly accept EDCA. If the Philippines Senate have pass a resolution on MDT as capable to accept EDCA then it is OK but of course Aquino won’t allow this to occur and make interpretations illegally.

    Aquino, Abe = Law Breakers

    Why don’t Japanese ask Aquino why he come to Japan and help lend support to Abe to break Japanese law?

    Editor’s Note: In response to the many emails about this poster, we do suspect he’s a paid Chinese internet commentator. However, we believe that all people should be allowed to voice their opinions, not just the ones that agree with our agenda. Therefore, at this stage we will not ban him, but will continue to censor his profanity and racial vilification.


  2. Yes it is very much a head ache for us now, that evil minded lunatic Abe, a stomach aching man with a war criminal grandfather is overrunning through and through.
    There’s no threat between the two countries, when China sent 650,000 of their people to another, while 140,000 of our nationals are staying there, other than tourists regarding both countries.

    Yes it is very much annoying, some foreign person making fun by exaggerating “a threat” when it is not there, me and my friends usually see those guys to be a termite, real nuisance.

    This is all about Abe’s personal aim regarding his family fame and a scheme made for certain companies those with nuclear product or military merchandise, very much unhealthy.
    They are due to loss of the pretext to gain evil benefit when Abe stops stirring up “threat”, so are US neocons.

    I guess, most likely, those evil peole are not going to go to heaven in the end.

    Evil people are cooperating with each other, wiping up each other’s mess, that is a real aspect of this commotion, nothing but a farce, including someone like you.



  1. China and Russia to build moon base as counter to US and Japanese plans | China Daily Mail

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