Chinese media says “Vietnam doomed to lose”

Damage to Vietnamese ship from ramming by Chinese ships

Damage to Vietnamese ship from ramming by Chinese ships

The following is translated from Chinese media:

Due to instability in the Middle East, China has determined to extract the oil and gas in the disputed waters in the South China Sea. China has the equipment and technology to do that. The problems are what other claimants to the disputed waters will do to stop China.

The attached photos show damage suffered by Vietnamese ships from ramming by Chinese ships. It seems this kind of ramming damage will be a daily occurrence whenever China’s oil exploration and extraction equipment emerges in disputed waters between China and Vietnam.

The Vietnamese way so far is to send a large number of ships and boats to disturb Chinese operations. China has responded with a larger fleet to ram Vietnamese ships. Due to China’s huge shipbuilding capacity and financial resources, it seems Vietnam is doomed to lose in such operations.

What is Vietnam’s next step if China begins to extract oil or gas there?

Appeal to or arbitration through the UN? China will utterly ignore the arbitration results nor will UN pass any resolution against China. China has great influence in quite a few UN members. Even the ASEAN did not accuse China for its oil rig move in its recent summit.

Ask the US and Japan for military aid?

Will they fight a war for Vietnam and thus begin a world war? Not very likely, but the danger is there.

Damage to Vietnamese ship from ramming by Chinese ships

Damage to Vietnamese ship from ramming by Chinese ships

Source: “Sad photos of the serious damages suffered by Vietnamese ships by ramming at the sea” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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7 replies

  1. Let the damn Chinamen extract gas and oil. It’s the easiest way to blow them up and get rid of them. 😉


  2. After demonstrating extreme patience for Chinese illegal drilling operation, the world should understand if at certain point, Vietnam must exercise her self-determination and sink this oil rig inside their EEZ.


    • You are criminal to suggest Vietnam should sink the oil rig. In fact you are asking the Vietnamese to commit suicide and if anything happen to them, including forcing China to attack the Spratlys, you will be blamed for instigating war. Civilize people knows when to fold, and if you don’t hold a good card, you surrender!

      Editor’s Note: In response to the many emails about this poster, we do suspect he’s a paid Chinese internet commentator. However, we believe that all people should be allowed to voice their opinions, not just the ones that agree with our agenda. Therefore, at this stage we will not ban him, but will continue to censor his profanity and racial vilification.



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