Australia joins Japan, Vietnam, Philippines in opposing China

Royal Australian Navy Patrol Boat HMAS Geelong

Royal Australian Navy Patrol Boat HMAS Geelong

Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines have been forming an alliance against China, as China has been moving to annex other countries’ territories in the South and East China Seas.

Relations between Vietnam and China have become particularly hostile since China deployed an oil rig in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). (See “China’s neighbours react to new South China Sea claims” from last week.)

Now Australia is signalling that it is also joining this alliance. The change in policy was indicated in a statement by Australia’s foreign minister, Julie Bishop, during a visit by Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe to Australia to meet Australia’s prime minister, Tony Abbott. Like many of China’s neighbours, Australia had had a policy of being careful not to anger China, for fear of retaliation.

But there was a major confrontation last November, after China announced an Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ), demanding that any foreign aircraft flying into the East China Sea would have to inform China’s military beforehand. (“24-Nov-13 World View — In new escalation, China demands to control air space over Japan’s Senkaku islands”.)

Julie Bishop was visiting Beijing at that time and complained about the unilateral declaration of the ADIZ. According to reports, China’s foreign minister told her that the ADIZ was none of her business, and he “famously tore strips off her,” with cameras rolling. (“Tear strips off somebody” is apparently an Australian expression meaning to severely scold someone.)

So now, Bishop is explaining that she’s learned some lessons from that experience. In particular, Australia’s previous policies of reticence toward China have only caused confusion, and that it’s better to be frank than misunderstood:

China doesn’t respect weakness.

The freedom of the skies and freedom of the seas in that part of the world is important to us because that’s where the majority of our trade is done.

So I believed that, at that time, we had to make it clear where we stood on unilateral action that could be seen as coercive and could be seen to – and which did – affect our national interests. …

So, when something affects our national interest then we should make it very clear about where we stand.

Bishop said she had no doubt that America would remain the pre-eminent force internationally:

This is a debate that the US will have to have about its role in the world. It is currently the only super power with the military capability to act globally and the US must determine whether it’s going to continue in that role. I believe that it must, and it will.

Source: Breitbart – Australia Joins Japan, Vietnam, Philippines in Opposing China

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  1. Ms. Bishop is only correct with her observation that “China doesn’t respect weakness.” but, Australia also further must realize that Chinese government is pursuing a 21st century military establishment to execute its 15th century unchangeable mindset of a Han racial domination and a China’s Middle Kingdom destination. Asian nations can’t wait for fully developed Chinese military and its 1.5 billion population (before 2050?) with useless dialogues, thus the immediate step of formally organizing a regional mutual defense pack must be taken. Beside Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam which are already sufficient containment forces, the coalition can easily include India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to complete a geopolitical strategy for choking off Chinese economy…. a combined move which should facilitate regime change within China or else.


  2. Reblogged this on jpratt27 and commented:
    This is not going to end well.


  3. I think some of this post is incorrect (Correct me if I am wrong)
    Relations between Vietnam and China have become particularly hostile since China deployed an oil rig in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). (See “China’s neighbours react to new South China Sea claims” from last week.)
    As far as I know when the Vietnam war was over Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh) handed these waters to China after the war for their help in ousting all foreign countries. I think the writer needs to check the history books before he makes claims of China being in waters that are supposedly not theirs.
    I am an Australian and non Bias but just a point to be made
    My president at the moment did a foolish thing making alliances with Japan the same week that china was invaded by the Japanese many years ago.
    No sensitivity to matters of importance I now live in Hong Kong and this is news everywhere Australia’s Alliance. The Chinese are not happy> And to be honest why would our Government want to piss of our biggest trade partner. Like the post says maybe Asia wants to stop Chinas domination both land and financially.

    Edit: The writer of this comment claims to be an Australian living in Hong Kong, but incorrectly refers to Australia’s Prime Minister as “President.” An Australian citizen would not make such a mistake. This is a common error made by China’s paid internet propagandists. Therefore, the “facts” put forward in this comment should be treated with reservation.


    • No need to check the history book, instead China should check how absurd its propaganda is :
      . Ho Chi Minh died in 1969, long before the Vietnam War was over in 1975.
      . Immediately, China aided Khmer Rouge forces to attack Vietnam which caused the Vietnamese counter-attack eliminating the pro-China faction and causing the installation of a new Vietnam friendly regime in Cambodia.
      . Hoping to reverse the outcome in Cambodia, China invaded Vietnam in 1979 and quickly retreated after 1 month but the border war lasted more than 10 years.
      Vietnam had no opportunity to “handed these waters to China after the war for their help in ousting all foreign countries” and South China Sea is mostly international water and EEZs of several nations.



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