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News Logos

China Daily Mail features a mixture of reposted articles about China, as well as original feature articles and opinions from over sixty contributors. Most of the reposted articles are blocked in parts of China, or the whole country, and these are provided as a service to expats inside China.

Some of our most prominent stories, from inside China, have also been picked up by major media publications around the world. A few of these include:

The Philippines Star article Reports: China plans to seize Pag-Asa Island this year referenced the China Daily Mail exclusive article Chinese troops to seize Zhongye Island back from the Philippines in 2014. These articles directly caused the Philippines government to demand an explanation from China. China initially denied the plans, but later admitted it was true. The following day, USA announced its 100% commitment to defend Philippines if China carried out this invasion.

The New York Times article A game of shark and minnow was inspired and based mostly on the exclusive China Daily Mail article China boasts of strategy to “recover” islands occupied by Philippines. The New York Times contacted China Daily Mail several times to confirm details when compiling their story, which was about another plan by China to invade a Philippines island.

The Fox News article Naval War Between China And Japan Seems Imminent was a repost of the China Daily Mail  exclusive article Naval war between China and Japan seems imminent.

The BBC article Gu Kailai and the body double debate referenced the China Daily Mail article “Body double” blocked in online searches; Gu Kailai imposter at trial?.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) article China’s nationalist left is getting really agitated by criticism of protest violence referenced the China Daily Mail article Modern Chinese ethical dilemmas.

Our articles have also featured on The Drudge Report, Rense, ZerohedgeReddit, and many other well-known sites, as well as referenced in numerous Wikipedia articles.

We thank our 60 contributors (to date) and readers from around the world for their loyal support, and welcome new readers and contributors to our site.

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