China intensifies aggression against Philippines fishermen in retaliation for jailing of Chinese fishermen

Chinese coast guard ship with 3,000-ton displacement

Chinese coast guard ship with 3,000-ton displacement

The following includes translations from Chinese media:

I said in my post on August 16 that China exploited the Philippines’ error to expand the area of its patrol after the Philippines meted out severe punishment to Chinese fishermen for entry of the disputed waters claimed by the Philippines. It is something foreseeable by common sense, especially now when China has grasped the opportunity that the US is distracted by the problems in the Middle East and Ukraine.

China’s strategy is to ease tension with Japan as its relations with Japan involve a lot of interests, while taking the offensive in the South China Sea to exploit the energy, fishing, fish farming and tourism resources there.

As China has claimed the area within the nine-dash line for a long time, and has included its claim in an official map published in 1947, there is no retreat for China. If the Chinese government gives up the area, it will lose its legitimacy.

Philippine President Aquino perhaps lacks knowledge about Chinese history and politics; therefore, he erroneously believed that he could get concession from China when he adopted a hardline attitude towards China. He started the Scarborough standoff but lost his share of administration and fishing right there.

Now, he believes that punishing Chinese fishermen harshly will soften China, but China has exploited it as an excuse to intensify its patrol of the disputed waters. In the post on August 16, I mentioned Philippine major TV network’s report that the presence of Chinese patrol ships scared Philippine fishermen.

A report in reads:

Philippines major newspaper Philippine Star’s website reported yesterday that on the evening of August 1, Chinese Coast Guard ship no. 3111 drove away a Philippine fishing boat in spite of bad weather.

The small wooden fishing boat driven by a single engine had some Philippine local officials and reporters on board at that time. It was trying to enter the lagoon of the Second Thomas Shoal to seek shelter from bad weather, but the said Chinese ship switched on a powerful floodlight and sounded alarm to drive the boat back into high sea.

People on the fishing boat were so scared that they put on life jackets and boarded life rafts. The Chinese ship chased the boat for half an hour until the boat reached the shallow water near a reef.

If there had not been tension caused by Philippine government’s harsh punishment of Chinese fishermen, China would have allowed the boat into the lagoon for humanitarian reason even if the shoal belongs to China free of any disputes. Now, China wants to be as harsh as the Philippines. Who will suffer? Chinese and Philippine fishermen will suffer. However, Chinese fishermen are equipped with Beidou global positioning devices and can use the devices to send message to coast guards when they are disturbed by the Philippines. It seems that Philippine fishermen will mainly be the victims of the tension between the two countries.

Source: “Philippine said Chinese Coast Guard ship used powerful light and took strong actions to drive its boat away from Second Johnson Shoal” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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5 replies

  1. So the morale of it?

    I (China) do wrong, you DO NOT take any action!
    if you do take action,
    I will rigorously fight you back, whenever I get a chance, even if you do nothing wrong.

    I can (because I am much bigger than you.
    You can’t, you’re too small

    Typically China.
    Screw yourself, China!

    Maybe China missed some history parts, too.
    David defeated Goliath!

    I can’t see, why history should not be repeated, if being asked, to return!

    There are times, when diplomacy is good.
    Then, there are times, when diplomacy is a wasted effort.
    Then there are times, when history needs to become present.
    Now, we shall live in the presence of history.

    Make no mistake. This will not be China’s last attempt, to claim the blue planet. Just go further back in history, and meet the “confused” idiot again, then you’ll know what China will claim next.


  2. Chinese rationale no longer works as global communities are well aware of their territorial expansionist aggressions. In fact, the more they tried to sugar-coat their criminal acts the more these acts migrate from mere hypocrisies to national policies of deceits to their own people and now clumsy attempts against the world.
    The Philippines made no errors in sending these Chinese fishermen to prison as they violated the Filipino territorial sovereignty and international natural resources protection laws. And if bending to China is the premise of less Chinese lawlessness, the Philippines can’t match years of Vietnamese appeasement to China and look at what happened: HD-981 oil rig parked 118 miles from Vietnamese shore without provocation, countless Vietnamese fishermen even lost their lives due to barbarian sinking and abandoning of boats… China does not need any reason to commit wrong doing – it’s part of their policy and long-term control of South China Sea. Solution? A mutual defense pack among victimized nations to gather sufficient strength for direct confrontation. A good start includes Australia, Japan, India, the Philippines and Vietnam with many more to joint after such defense coalition effectively, shows either a deescalation of Chinese misbehavior or real exposure of inflated Chinese military capability or both.


  3. China does not need any reason to commit wrong doing – it’s part of their policy and long-term control of South China Sea. Solution? A mutual defense pack among victimized nations to gather sufficient strength for direct confrontation. A good start includes Australia, Japan, India, the Philippines and Vietnam.



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