China speeds up building artificial island on Johnson South Reef, in defiance of Philippines protests

Artificial Island on Johnson South Reef

Artificial Island on Johnson South Reef

The following is based on translations from Chinese media:

In mid May, the Philippines protested against China for China’s reclamation of land at Johnson South Reef. An area of 0.09 square km had already been reclaimed.

China is carrying out reclamation to build not only military but also fishing, fish farming and tourism bases on the islands and reefs in the South China Sea.

What counts is not who has taken the islands there but how the islands and reefs are exploited to bring benefit to the claimant.

It seems China is carrying out construction of its facilities at high speed to exploit the islands, reefs and waters there.

According to Philippine Star’s report on August 28, Philippine air reconnaissance found that a heart-shaped white artificial island has been built on Johnson South Reef to replace the reef.

There is a blue building at the centre of the island and a dock being built in the area of reclamation. China seems to have switched from reclamation to planting trees and other plants there including coconut and palm trees. The trees are all grown-up ones transplanted from elsewhere. That is wise as only grown-up trees are strong enough to resist typhoons and protect the buildings and people there.

In addition, according to Philippine fishermen passing by, a dam is being built on the east side of the artificial island. Inside the island, air reconnaissance has found building materials and various kinds of heavy construction machinery.

Source: China Daily “Philippine media: China has built an artificial island on Johnson South Reef: Heavy machinery can clearly be seen from sky” (summary by Chan Kai Yee base on the report in Chinese)


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5 replies

  1. Once precedent is established and a ship port/ airport built, approved upon the lawlessness will be uncontrollable. As the West continues to struggle with best way to address Chinese aggressions and regional nations too small and helpless, why can an accident of unknown reason happen to this location? Like an explosion of all equipments and reclaimed sand allowing nature to heal the damage!


  2. What are they doing….spend money developing the lands that you own. God knows it needs it….

    No stake in this whatsoever but they jut want the world the rile up against them……and the world should…



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