Space station by 2022 for China military’s integrated space-air capabilities

China Space Station

China Space Station

In my book Space Era Strategy: The Way China Beats The U.S., I point out that China’s ambitious space program is carried out by its military while the U.S. space program is managed by an agency independent from its military.

I list in my book that China has surpassed, and is surpassing, the US in aerospaceplane, hypersonic weapon, anti-satellite (ASAT) capabilities, anti-ASAT system, satellite global positioning system, drone, AEW&C aircraft and other innovations. Most of them are related to space.

If the U.S. fails to switch its outdated Air-Sea Battle strategy to focus on space technology, it will certainly be beaten by China by 2022 when China has a large space station as the base for its aerospace bombers.

The following is the full text of Reuters report:

China eyes first space station by around 2022

China expects to establish its first space station by around 2022, building upon the experience of an experimental module already in orbit, state media said on Wednesday.

China’s leaders have set a priority on advancing its space program, with President Xi Jinping calling for the country to establish itself as a space power.

In China’s manned space mission last year, three astronauts spent 15 days in orbit and docked with an experimental space laboratory, the Tiangong (Heavenly Palace) 1.

Yang Liwei, deputy head of China’s Manned Space Agency and also the country’s first man in space, said the follow-up Tiangong 2 was likely to be launched in about 2016.

Then, in around 2018, the core of the space station would be launched with completion set for four years later, the official Xinhua news agency cited Yang as saying.

China has previously said a working space station would be ready by around 2020.

The country insists that its space program is for peaceful purposes.

The U.S. Defence Department has highlighted China’s increasing space capabilities, however, saying China was pursuing activities aimed at preventing its adversaries from using space-based assets during a crisis.

Despite considerable advances, China’s space program still lags those of the United States and Russia.

China must still master launching cargo and fuel via space freighters and recycling air and water for extended manned missions, state media have said.

Source: Reuters “China eyes first space station by around 2022”
Related book: Chan Kai Yee Space Era Strategy: The Way China Beats The U.S.

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  1. WOW! China is not only growing its economy fast but us also advancing its space technology quickly.

    Editor’s Note: In response to the many emails about the poster Mark Chan, we have confirmed he’s a paid Chinese internet commentator. However, we believe that all people should be allowed to voice their opinions, not just the ones we choose. Therefore, at this stage we will not ban him, but will continue to delete comments that are blatant Chinese propaganda, and totally unrelated to the article.



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