Prelude to Conflict: Asia, September 15

Prelude To Conflict

Prelude To Conflict

The main topic in the press, though strange: China vs the Environment. Hong Kong’s democracy movement progresses, their opposition (mostly professors and members of government) also get louder. The US even piped in, stating that they were likely to endorse Taiwan’s pro-Beijing controlling KMT party. While the US is most likely trying to say whatever makes Beijing happy, the KMT became extremely unpopular during August and early September with scandals becoming public. US statements about the elections in Taiwan would likely enrage the Taiwanese public, leading voters of both Hong Kong and Taiwan to view all three governments being against them. While China was considered viz the environment, the people in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines (the volatile zone) are being pitted against all the governments’ controlling parties, US included. This could add a new dynamic to the swelling conflict.

Political Taiwan

The Chinese Civil War Continues

…Article on how the KMT Nationalists and Chinese Communists are playing footsie, but may never be friends.

US may try to sway vote: ex-AIT head

…This would not be any change at all in the US position of constantly supporting the KMT, publically anyway. On the surface, the US would be biding time, supporting the party that Beijing loves and would delay conflict with China. This would make the US seem peace-friendly.

Democrat Progressive Party

Same week that US speculates on 2016 elections in Taiwan, the opposition party has a new blog.

Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalists controlling Taiwan)

…But the controlling party has the same ugly old website, with no mention about their event to get votes. Instead, most of the many, many posts this last week address scandals that happened under their watch, along with issues relating to their unpopular relationship with mainland China.

Ma opens KMT event in Chiayi

…And Taiwan’s president and unpopular controlling party launches a campaign to get more supporters.

Taiwan in Comparative Perspective Volume 5 (2014)

…Compares Taiwan to Hong Kong

Taiwan Oil

Taiwanese ‘gutter oil’ scandal spreads to Hong Kong, Macau

New Taipei fines dishonest store NT$6 mil.

Covering their tracks begins…

GMP association vows to tighten certification rules

Tests find oil legal, but not fit for food: FDA

Protesters call for premier to step down

Jiang sorry for two years of food scares


Beijing warns its nationals to avoid visiting Philippines

No breakthrough as Taiwan, PRC wrap up trade talks

Rice in Beijing to prepare Obama visit

Hong Kong

‘Quit school if you really want to make a sacrifice for democracy’, [Prof] Arthur Li tells students

…A HK prof chides students who oppose Beijing policy, comparing them to the Red Guard of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. This is not organize advise from a professor, it’s a spit in the face.

HK pro-democracy ‘black cloth’ march draws thousands

Beijing could rein in Hong Kong if Occupy Central goes ahead, says mainland academic

Black-clad Occupy Central supporters march against Beijing’s universal suffrage plan

Half of Hongkongers say lawmakers should veto Beijing’s electoral reform plan

China and the Environment: A One-week Trend in the Press

In case you can’t tell from these seven titles posted in the last week, someone discussed China and climate in Nottingham this week…

Special Issue: China’s stake in climate change

Market-based solutions to climate change in China

How institutions will constrain China’s efforts to build a low-carbon energy sector

Climate Change Legislation: China Has Politics, Too

China’s Twin Quests for Energy Security and Low-carbon Transition

China takes the lead on emissions trading, but economic reform is needed

Is China a leader or a laggard on Climate?

And in New York…

China’s Environmental Awakening

In Southern China, Residents Wary of the Government Protest a Plan to Burn

Beijing Hosts Debut of Formula E as Engines Whir Rather Than Roar

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