Taiwan declares itself an independent country, despite threats of war from China if it did so

Taiwan Flag

Taiwan Flag

Taiwan’s premier, Jiang Yi-huah, said Friday the government will not hold a referendum on independence similar to the one held Thursday in Scotland.

Unlike Scotland, the Republic of China (Taiwan) is an independent and sovereign state, and there is no reason to announce independence or decide to separate from another nation, he said.

There is also no thought of changing the country’s sovereignty or territory, he said.

In a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom that drew the attention of many secession movements from around the world, 55% of those who voted in Scotland chose to remain part of the UK.

Independence-minded politicians and activists in Taiwan have shown particular interest in the referendum, something Taiwan has not been able to hold to decide its future because of pressure and opposition from China.

In the legislative question-and-answer session, the premier was pressed by legislator Lo Ming-tsai of the ruling Kuomintang on the government’s response if the people were to call for a referendum.

“There will be no independence referendum,” Jiang replied.

But he said that after the independence referendum in Scotland, several media have observed that other nations could begin new rounds of discussion on whether to use a referendum to deal with the independence issue.

An independence referendum in Taiwan would bring strong opposition from Beijing, which has legislated for war if Taiwan should declare formal independence.

Source: Want China Times – No need for independence referendum in Taiwan, says premier

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