China’s says its New Silk Road will be America’s ultimate nightmare

Li Keqiang and Angela Merkel

Li Keqiang and Angela Merkel

The following is a translation from Chinese media.

The website of a Spanish media outlet reported on October 9 that while the US “New Century” is rapidly aging, the BeijingMoscow-Berlin strategic trade alliance may be a reality in the future.

The website said: Beijing and Moscow leaders attach great importance to the alliance, in which Beijing, New Delhi and Tehran have all shown interest. However, US elites have entirely ignored it. It is difficult for Americans to accept the end of the all-round superiority that the Pentagon has enthusiastically pursued.

Moscow believes that Washington and NATO are increasingly interested in setting up an “Iron Curtain” to separate it from the West. The Ukraine issue is but the commencement.

For Chinese President Xi Jinping, his Chinese dream includes the new Silk Road that will provide a fast corridor for European-Asian trade to ease the pressure on the sea from Washington and Tokyo. He is setting up two Silk Roads: one through Siberia and the other through Central Asia.

Both China and Russia hope to see a Germany that Washington lacks strength to control. Germany is adopting a geopolitical strategy clearly different from Washington’s and German industrial circles earnestly want to maintain unlimited trade cooperation with China and Russia. That may cause Germany to pursue world power within the framework of the European Union.

China is now playing a new geopolitical role in Europe and Asia rare in modern history. It is building and will build networks of highways, high-speed railways, oil pipelines and ports connecting China with West Europe and the Mediterranean.

The Obama Administration mainly responds with containment of China in the sea area from the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea, and intensification of China’s conflicts with Japan and India to establish and strengthen its strategic alliance with India and Japan.

However, German industrial and commercial circles have already become aware that while Chinese products may come through the Silk Road, German goods can also go East via that road. It will enable China to surpass the US and France and become Germany’s largest trade partner

When German Chancellor Merkel visited China three months ago, she began discussion of a high-speed railway between Berlin and Beijing. That railway will ultimately become Washington’s nightmare.

The Obama Administration has remained short-sighted. It always believes that US technical and military strength will enable the US to maintain its superior position. However, when Beijing has controlled the ways to European and Asian markets, its huge financial resources, and Moscow’s abundant energy resources, will deepen the strategic cooperation between China and Russia, which will attract other large European and Asian countries to join them. We can believe that in the future European-Asian era, it is quite possible for the US to be excluded from Europe and Asia. By 2025, it will be clear whether there will be a changed world with a Beijing-Moscow-Berlin axis.

Source: “Western media: China’s new Silk Road will be America’s ultimate nightmare: It will be clear by 2025 whether that will become a reality” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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