China gets Russia’s best submarine technology, as Russia seeks to avoid economic recession

Amur 1650 Submarine

Amur 1650 Submarine

The following is a translation from Chinese media:

The Inquisitr said in an article titled “Russian 1650 Amur-class submarine will be given to China” on October 18: Putin hopes to partially avoid Russian economic recession by trading with China.

It is believed that Putin sold China Russia’s top submarine in exchange for economic gains to ease the effect of Western sanctions. That is a natural belief as people always focuses on past enmity between Russia and China due to Mao’s fight against Soviet revisionism for leadership of the socialist camp of the Cold War, which led to border conflict.

They do not know that Chinese and Russian leaders had the vision to set up an alliance against the US long ago. That was why when Russian officials opposed Putin’s sale of advanced weapons to China, Putin told them that arms sale was political.

That was why as far back as on December 20, 2012, long before the Ukraine crisis, China and Russia entered into a frame contract on joint design and construction of 1650 Amur-class submarine. Due to lack of mutual trust, implementation of the contract was slow, but the two countries’ leaders’ desire for a close alliance was clear. When Russia got China’s firm support in the Ukraine issue, the mutual trust had finally been established.

Now the project is making normal progress. According to the contract, China is participating in the design and construction so as to get the technology in building the submarine. As Russia has only completed construction of one such most advanced submarine, the type of submarine is Russia’s newest one with its top technology. Russia is willing to share its top technology with China because China is its best ally.

Similarly, Russia and China decided on joint development of a wide-body airliner long ago, but Russia sent its expert to China only recently. Now the two countries have decided to begin construction of the airliner next year.

Moreover, Russia will begin delivery of Su-35 fighters and S-400 air defence systems in the first quarter of 2015. By so doing, Russia renders great help to China in China’s arms race with the US.

Source: “Foreign media: PLA will get the design of Russia’s newest submarine due to the opportunity provided by Ukraine crisis” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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