China claims panic by US miltary over China’s drone-killing lasers

China Satellite

China Satellite

The following is a translation from Chinese media:

According to [uncited] Russian media, China knocked down two satellites using a mysterious weapon that has reportedly caused panic among the US military.

Major world powers have been making breakthroughs in drone technology day by day, enabling drones to play an increasingly greater role in future wars.

To counter that, China has developed a laser system able to destroy small drones with lasers, within a range of 2 kilometres. It takes only five seconds to hit down a drone after detecting it with 100% certainty.

As drones grow increasingly smaller, and will even be as small as beetles someday, hitting them with air-defence missiles or guns is ineffective and incurs high costs. The laser system is highly effective and incurs little cost.

So far the laser system only has a range of 2 km to hit small drones below the altitude of 500 metres, with a top speed of 50 metres per second. However, according to informed sources, China is developing a more powerful laser with greater range.

It seems that China has such ability as recently it has carried out at least two tests to hit down a satellite with laser weapon.

Source: “Twice PLA uses it to hit down satellite, causing panic among high-ranking US officers” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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3 replies

  1. I don’t think China can copy that kind of technology for now, they are lagging behind US. They maybe copy the laser technology but not that accurate.


  2. Regardless, that makes them a threat if they shoot down the US satellites without impunity or respect for our nation.



  1. China claims 055 destroyer surpasses US Aegis warship in capabilities | China Daily Mail

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