China blames terrorists for deadly Xinjiang attack; 15 dead, 14 injured

Police officers stand guard in Xinjiang. The region has seen a series of attacks in recent months.

Police officers stand guard in Xinjiang. The region has seen a series of attacks in recent months.

The following is based on reports in Chinese media:

Singtao Daily says in its report today that at 1:30pm (11:30am according to SCMP), a group of terrorists threw explosives at, and hacked with knives and axes, innocent people at Meishi (meaning tasty food) Street, Shache County, Kashgar, Xinjiang.

The policemen patrolling nearby streets rushed to the scene, surrounded the terrorists and killed 11 of them. Neither Singtao nor SCMP mentions in their report whether any terrorist has been captured alive. Singtao says 39 have been killed or wounded in the heading of its report but its report only mentions 15 deaths and 14 injuries.

That is confirmed by SCMP report on the same incident.

Local police are investigating the case while no organisation has claimed responsibility.

Both newspapers described Shache as a country often attacked by terrorists. The most serious recent attack took place in July when 37 innocent people and 59 terrorists were killed.

SCMP says in its report on the attack today, “Two days after the July attack, Jume Tahir, the government-appointed chief imam of the country’s biggest mosque in Kashgar, was hacked to death after leading morning prayers.

Beijing has blamed both attacks on Xinjiang separatists, whom the authorities said received terrorism training. Rights groups and exiled Uygurs dispute the terrorism label and argue the violence is the result of repression by the authorities.

“Two teenagers were sentenced to death over the killing of the imam, and a third man was given life imprisonment in September. More than 20 people responsible for the attack in July were sentenced to death by a Kashgar court in October.”

Source: Singtao Daily “Xinjiang Terrorists attack with knives, explosives causing 39 casualties” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)
Source: SCMP “15 dead after attack on busy street in Xinjiang”

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