Prelude to Conflict: Asia, January 5

Prelude To Conflict

Prelude To Conflict

When it comes to Chinese-speaking pastors and the Chinese government, the Chinese are very non-communicative. It’s a shame and a sham, literally—a shame because of the “Shame” culture that can’t man-up to face hard talks and a sham because it’s always hiding some greater aspiration of self-indulged grandeur.

China’s boasts of its “great cities” show enough, along with God’s determination to humble the proud with the stampede that killed 36 in Shanghai, now being spun by Chinese media.

Taiwan’s KMT leadership also announces that the press must stand behind the red tape – interestingly as literal as it is figurative. When reporters want to understand the reason for a public demonstration, the police will escort witnesses to be interviewed. Not to worry, they will surely choose a fair balance. With this, the KMT definition a “free” will be very difficult for many people to understand—and no matter what the KMT says, the Taiwanese press will probably not be satisfied. In Mark Twain immortal words, “Never argue with people who buy ink by the barrel.”

Is the KMT trying to prove Twain more right than he already has, are they trying to lose the next election even more than the last, or are they trying to encourage Beijing that they may be on the same page when it comes to protests and press.

An article (US-China preparing for war) agreed that the thesis of the Prelude is correct. Not that would be news, because you already read it here first, but the argument is interesting: China is non-communicative. This is something that Chinese culture may never understand about American culture, pastors or government: Br’er Rabbit said to the tar baby, “I said, ‘Howdy!'” Americans know what came next.

Chinese, well… Though Br’er Rabbit got in a mess, he always manages to get thrown into his briar patch, something else that China may never understand… Not until there is a war. Which means that they will understand, just as they will communicate.

US v China

South China Sea Arbitration: Vietnam Makes Submission to Court

No Place for China in Russia’s New Military Doctrine?

ROC flag flies again at US’ Twin Oaks

…historic, not for 36 years.

China fumes after Taiwan’s flag raising in Washington

China and the United States are preparing for war

…with comment on another article:

China and the United States Are Preparing for War

Beijing resistance to democracy movements wasn’t just in Hong Kong, but also at home…

China Warns Veteran Democracy Activists in Renewed Crackdown

Thirty-six killed in Shanghai stampede

China orders safety review after Shanghai stampede

China Moves to Limit Blame Over Fatal New Year Stampede

…And control of media is also seen in Taiwan…

‘Press Areas’ Threaten to Undermine Work of Journalists


Macau rejects activist dentist

…Taiwanese who made a speech to support Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong

C.Y. Leung’s meet-the-people forums suspended in wake of Occupy protests


Police take new line on ‘Lennon Wall’ graffiti as ‘Chalk Girl’ pens letter of thanks to Hong Kong

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