China claims breakthrough by training 8 more carrier-based fighter jet pilots, taking total to 13

China Aircraft Carrier Liaoning

China Aircraft Carrier Liaoning

The following is translated from Chinese media:

A photo of 4 grey J-15 fighter jets appearing on China’s aircraft carrier the Liaoning has gone viral on the Internet in China.

A Global Times reporter has learnt from an authentic source that a second batch of J-15 pilots has succeeded in landing on the carrier.

However, it seems that the eight pilots have not yet obtained licences for their qualification as carrier-based fighter jet pilots.

According to Chinese navy expert Li Jie, for an aircraft carrier to have combat capability, enough carrier-based aircraft pilots are a key issue.

If so, China has to train many more such pilots, as the total number of the first and second batches of J-15 pilots totals only 13, far from enough for the 24 J-15s on the carrier.

Source: Global Times “Major Breakthrough: China’s second batch 8 pilots succeeded in landing on aircraft carrier” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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