‘Made in China’ tops the EU’s most unsafe list

Toys were at the top of the list of unsafe products coming out of China

Toys were at the top of the list of unsafe products coming out of China

Every parent assumes the plush doll they bought for their child at the mall is safe, but if it has a “Made in China” label, you should think twice.

A European Watchdog agency issued 2,435 notifications of unsafe products in 2014, which range from children’s toys, clothing, and even appliances. Sixty-four percent of the unsafe products were made in China and Hong Kong, which was the same amount as in 2013.

Věra Jourová, the European commissioner for consumer affairs, issued a warning to parents: “For me, as a mother and already a grandmother, the high number of harmful products among toys is alarming, so please beware of what you give your children to play with.”

She went onto to express her dismay about “how high a number of harmful products comes to the European market from China.”

Toys were at the top of the list for being unsafe at 28 percent, followed by clothing at 23 percent, and electrical appliances and motor vehicles at under 10 percent.

This isn’t just a European problem though. The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States cited similar numbers, saying that 60 percent of the recalls for products like toothpaste, tilapia, and children’s toys were made in China.

With 60 percent of products from China being unsafe, why even buy anything from there anymore?

European officials said that they are working with Chinese companies to help them better understand European safety standards. Though with statistics staying unchanged year after year, is it really the standards that the companies don’t understand? As Jourová herself noted: “The numbers and the situation is not improving.”

What do you think needs to be done to solve this problem?

Take a look at this video for more interesting ways to define what “Made in China” really means.

Source: Vision – See why ‘Made in China’ tops the EU’s most unsafe list by Ben Manoley


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