America’s aircraft carriers limited in use close to China’s shores, says expert

US Ronald Reagan

US Ronald Reagan

US National Interest magazine’s website carries navy expert Dave Majumdar’s article “Nuclear Submarines: America’s New Aircraft Carriers?”, predicting, “Nuclear-powered guided missile submarines could be the key to maintaining America’s future naval supremacy.”

The article also states that US aircraft carriers are unable to go near China to attack it for fear of being destroyed by China’s anti-ship cruise and ballistic missiles.

Majumdar says in his article, “Instead of being able to push in close to shore during the initial stages of a major war, the Navy’s multi-billion dollar floating airfields and their escorting warships might be forced to maintain station as far as a thousand nautical miles offshore to remain outside the range of enemy attack.

“Further compounding the problem is the fact that the current carrier air wing does not have the necessary reach or ability to penetrate into ever more capable enemy air defences. Even the belated introduction of the Lockheed Martin F-35C Joint Strike Fighter around 2019 will not solve that problem.”

He gives US military the advice to stop building the very expensive Ford-class aircraft carriers and switch to using nuclear attack submarines armed with submarine-launched cruise missiles to attack China.

The book “Space Era Strategy” says China is developing aerospace bombers to prevent the US navy from cutting China’s trade lifelines. As we are in a space era, China is probably developing aerospace weapons which can stop the submarines.

Source: Chan Kai Yee – Space Era Strategy: The Way China Beats The U.S.
Source: The National Interest – “Nuclear Submarines: America’s New Aircraft Carriers?”


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