China says its new YJ-18 anti-ship missile is a real threat to US navy

YJ-18 supersonic anti-ship missile

YJ-18 supersonic anti-ship missile

The following is based on a translation from Chinese media:

China‘s quotes unspecified “foreign media” reports as saying that China’s newest 052D Aegis destroyer is equipped with China’s newest YJ-18 supersonic anti-ship missiles.

The missile’s high speed and terminal movement make it very difficult to intercept.

At present, there is only one 052D destroyer in China with vertical launch system (VLS) to launch such missiles, but China is now building such destroyers on a large scale in order to have ten of them in service by 2017.

Moreover, China’s Types 093G and 095 attack nuclear submarines will also be armed with such missiles. A recent photo of China’s three new 093Gs shows that they all have VLS.

In the past, China relied on Russia for anti-ship missiles but now China is able to develop and make advanced anti-ship missiles to arm its navy on its own.

According to the report, the YJ-12 air-to-surface and YJ-18 constitute a meaningful threat to the US navy.

The media report claims that the missile is causing panic in the US and Japan, as one of them is enough to destroy an Aegis-equipped destroyer.

Source: “Bare the mystery of PLA’s newest anti-ship missiles: Causing panic in the US and Japan as one of them is enough to destroy an Aegis destroyer” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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