Chinese media says China’s hypersonic missiles can neutralise America’s ICBMs

US HGV launching site after explosion of the test HGV

US HGV launching site after explosion of the test HGV

The following is based on a translation from Chinese media:

The May issue of Canada’s “Kanwa Defense Review” says in its report that China is developing a hypersonic flying vehicle, which is also called the glide missile system.

In November 2014, [unspecified] Russian media [reportedly] published an article stating that China tested a hypersonic gliding vehicle (HGV) on January 9, 2014 and again in August 2014. However, there have been signs that the second test was a failure.

A Pentagon official [reportedly] said that China has conducted at least two tests of the HGV that is able to fly at Mach 10 and penetrate all US missile defence systems in service.

The Pentagon has [reportedly] given China’s HGV the codename WU-14

The US has also been developing similar HGV. Global times published in its report 15 photos of the explosion of a US HGV in a failed test.

The article says that China is now carrying on the development of its HGV, mainly targeting the global national missile defence system that the US has established, as the Chinese system may neutralise traditional ICBMs.

It says that China’s HGV will carry conventional warheads, and that there will be a precision terminal guidance device to ensure an accurate hit.

In that case, the HGV will become a “conventional ICBM.” China is developing such terminal guidance devices.

Contributed by Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements

Source: Global Times – “Foreign magazine reveals the secret of China’s hypersonic weapon: carrying no nuclear warhead, targeting US” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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