Cadence of Conflict: Asia, May 18, 2015



It all happened in a week. Man-made land isn’t sovereign land says UN. 12 nautical miles is “sovereign”. US Navy to park inside 12 miles of China’s man-made islets in the making; a volatile military standoff is inevitable. A US invitation to Beijing for annual Navy practice must also invite Taiwan! Beijing rebukes.

Taiwan’s controlling, Beijing-friendly KMT-Nationalist party has no strong Presidential candidate; opposition DPP has one front-runner with party-wide support. Beijing won’t be happy.

US unveils new multi-purpose drones. China enacts old multi-warhead nukes. Japan was never a better friend to the US, says Kerry.

Kerry and Xi smile for the camera in a series of meetings resemblant of pre-WWII Europe; USA Today reports Xi describing the situation as “stable”, a description that wouldn’t necessary if it were true.


US House passes RIMPAC Taiwan rule

…If Beijing practices with US Navy, so can Taiwan, Beijing won’t be happy. And…

China Making Some Missiles More Powerful

…NY Times, diagrams and explanation of MIRV and timeline

What’s Going On with President Ma?

…a look at Taiwan’s strange election politics, why change is immanent.

KMTitanic 10: The Ship is Foundering

…After all the dram-o-rama over who would be elected, the KMT-Nationalist party has no front-runner. Taiwan is destined for the change for which Beijing vowed invasion.


US military unveils Cicada mini-drones for remote warfare

…Insect-inspired, $250 ea, “paper airplane”, multi-purpose drones

U.S. Military Proposes Challenge to China Sea Claims

China demands US warships keep away from disputed South China Sea islands

…Video and many pictures


US’ Kerry meets Chinese leaders, vows tough line

Beijing Rebukes US Over South China Sea Islands Row

Xi: U.S.-China relations ‘stable’ despite islands dispute

…Anything but “stable”, video of Kerry-Xi meeting

Kerry Meets With China’s Foreign Minister Over Disputed Islands

…NPR story, diagrams, pictures

China Says U.S. ‘Hyping Up’ Its Military Threat, Damaging Trust

…On the Pentagon report from last week

China invites Russia to march in WWII parade

Indian Prime Minister’s visit to China will boost trust and border stability: analysts


Pentagon to station V-22 Osprey squadron at Yokota base near Tokyo starting in 2017

Japan, Philippines Hold Joint Naval Drills in South China Sea


Majority disagrees with Chu’s ‘one China’: survey

Ma spokesman urges Ko to put his job on line

…Outrageous! A gambling political party forecast to lose control in 2016 as they did in local elections in 2014, interference with due process. No prosecutor is asked to resign if his cases result “not guilty”, no mater who is prosecuted. Symptomatic of an old “save and lose face” culture, and another reason the 2016 elections look like they are shaping up to be.

KMT lacks clear leader as primary deadline looms

KMT: Wang on hold as Ma objects

…Informed blogger on the bloodline elitism that controls Taiwan.


…The only electable KMT hopeful, unable to run due to hatred from his own party’s bosses.

KMT nominations close without Chu

Eric Chu’s announcement he still won’t run

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