In China, US gets it wrong on North Korea and Iran nuclear deals

What are Iran's real nuclear intentions?

What are Iran’s real nuclear intentions?

North Korea played those negotiating its denuclearisation for fools, much as Iran has been doing more recently with Obama.

It must not have been difficult to do.

To continue the process with Iran, and to repeat it with North Korea, makes no sense.

Speaking in the People’s Republic of China on May 16th, Secretary Kerry offered North Korea a nuke deal

Kerry explained that an Iran deal could help in showing North Korea how “your economy can do better, your country can do better, and you can enter into good standing with the rest of the global community by recognising — just like Iran — that there is a verifiable, irreversible, denuclearisation for weaponisation program, even as you can have a peaceful nuclear power program.”

Iran has not agreed to “a verifiable, irreversible, denuclearisation for weaponisation program,” and likely never will.

On April 15th, Iran disputed the accuracy of the Obama Administration’s April 2nd “fact sheet,” which had made such claims about the deal.

In the highly unlikely event that Iran were to claim to accept such terms, it would “cheat” as it has done in the past.

In this video, John Bolton speaks about the “deal” with Iran as well as the North Korean connection.

Nevertheless, Iran has already received many of the rewards of essentially irreversible sanctions relief, including augmented power, both military and financial, in the Middle East.

A deal like the one Iran is about to get by virtue of the Iran scam should be welcomed by North Korea.

The countries have long cooperated on nukes and missile development, a matter apparently ignored during Obama’s P5+1 “negotiations” with Iran.

Kerry also said:

the United States will continue to work with its partners “to make it absolutely clear to the DPRK that their actions, their destabilising behaviour — unlike Iran’s — is unacceptable against any international standard.”

Iran’s destabilisation efforts and successes are, in Kerry’s view, apparently not “against any international standard.”

Yet Iran does far more regional destabilising than does North Korea — North Korea mainly relies upon bellicose bluster (with infrequent military actions against South Korea).

Iran — a major if not the most active sponsor of terrorism —  sends its proxies throughout the Middle East while accusing America and others of destabilisation.

A likely “signing bonus” of up to fifty billion dollars for Iran if and when the “deal” is finalised will substantially further Iran’s hegemonic ambitions and power as well as its missile and nuclear weapons development.

Here’s a video of Iran having some fun:

According to Hossein Salami, Deputy Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Iran welcomes war with the United States:

This North Korean propaganda video purports to displays North Korean military prowess:


The rogue nations of Iran and North Korea are both intent upon maximising their nuclear weapon capabilities. Both are totalitarian and have obscene human rights records. To trust either would be a gross mistake; yet that appears to be what Obama intends to do.

Source:  Dan Miller in Panama – “Kerry – North Korea can have a great nuke deal like Iran if it becomes as moderate”


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