Cadence of Conflict: Asia, May 25, 2015



The US flies over China’s man-made islets, China is is not happy. China wants Taiwan to fight to protect China’s sovereignty, which China may think includes their man-made islets. The UN does not recognize man-made islands as a rightful claim to sovereign waters, but that is exactly what China is doing. The US won’t have it.

Chinese professors are accused of stealing US technology, the Pentagon is involved. Asia in general, except China, is irritated with Chinese and American meddling in Taiwan’s presidential elections.

Taiwanese protesting China were beaten by tattooed men in black clothes. China’s economy may not be the best, but it’s banks may be, at least Forbes thinks so. Everyone seems to have an opinion on everyone else these days. For better or worse, no one seems to want to stay home.


Exclusive: China warns U.S. surveillance plan

…CNN video from the spy plane

The US Position on the ‘1992 Consensus’: Why it Matters


Stay out of Taiwan presidential race

…Editorial from Japan Times


Chinese banks took the four top spots in Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful companies


China signs US$27 billion oil, trade deals with Brazil

Two Chinese professors ‘stole US technology’


Anti-China demonstrators attacked by black-clad men

…After catching the black-clad men, the police let them go

China rejects Taipei’s defiance on law

Ma’s disapproval rating near 70%: polls

What Would Taiwan Actually Gain from Reunification with China?

The Taipei Dome…

Dome report could lead to Ma probe

…A few weeks ago

Ma rejects Dome graft allegations

Taipei orders Farglory to stop Dome construction

…Not only is President Ma possibly connected, Taipei’s mayor is such a revolutionary, he actually thinks an Asian company shouldn’t be “arrogant”!!

North Korea

North Korea says it can miniaturize nuclear weapons

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  1. “The UN does not recognize man-made islands as a rightful claim to sovereign waters, but that is exactly what China is doing. The US won’t have it.”

    More particularly, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (“UNCLOS”,) the international law of the sea treaty that China signed, ratified, and is bound by “won’t have it.” UNCLOS Articles 2–32 and Articles 86–115 codify the long-standing right of all nations to Freedom of Navigation on the high seas and through territorial waters. The US is acting to protect all nations’ time-honored right to Freedom of Navigation–not just to protect its own interests. Unless the world defies China’s theft of international sea lanes and airspace–China’s dubiously claimed “blue water territory”– China’s unlawful acts could ripen into customary international law. Other nations, seeing China’s unlawful actions go unopposed, could claim the same rights as China. “If China can do it, we can do it,” they could understandably claim. The seas could become Balkanized into “territories” of individual nations which would grant the right of passage through their “blue water territories” as they saw fit. Freedom of Navigation as it has been known since Grotius would cease to exist. UNCLOS, the international maritime treaty which the nations of the world labored so long and hard to enact, would be thoroughly undermined. Does anyone beside China think this is a good idea? It is important to understand the vital interests of the world are at stake–not just a confrontation between the United States and China in the South China Sea.



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