China condemns US for supplying weapons to ISIS

Weapons US supplied ISIS through Iraqi troops

Weapons US supplied ISIS through Iraqi troops

The following is based on a translation of a report in Chinese media:

The US reports that it is rushing weapons to Iraq to fight against ISIS, but Chinese media condemns the US, saying they are giving weapons to ISIS to fight against the US and its allies. published quite a few photos of the US heavy weapons Iraqi troops left to ISIS when they retreated from Ramadi, the second largest Iraqi city.

The weapons are almost all intact. They gave the impression that the weapons were left to ISIS without fighting.

The report says this is not the first time the US has done this. The US gave China’s Kuomintang (KMT) a lot of weapons to help it fight Chinese Communists. When the KMT was defeated, US weapons were captured by the communists, who later used those weapons to attack US troops in the Korean War.

Huanqiu continues that, decades later, the US supplied weapons to South Vietnamese troops to fight Vietnamese communists. When South Vietnamese troops were defeated by the communists, the communists used the weapons for regional hegemony and invasion of Cambodia.

That was sad but at least KMT and South Vietnamese troops did fight the communists. They lost the weapons to the communists as they were really defeated by their enemies.

The report reflects that what is ridiculous now is the loss of US advanced weapons to ISIS. Judging by the released photos of the weapons left by Iraqi troops to ISIS in Ramadi, the weapons seemed to be given to ISIS on purpose. ISIS retreated from Ramadi on purpose to enable Iraqi troops to send US weapons into the City. When the weapons were ready for ISIS to take, Iraqi troops retreated to let ISIS take the weapons.

That was in fact a fake battle.

Huanqiu says if the war in Iraq goes on that way, the US will eventually be forced to send its own troops to Iraq to fight ISIS. Then US troops will again be attacked by its enemy with US weapons. It will just be a repetition of the situation in the Korean War.

Contributed by Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements

Source: “Iraqi government troops retreated leaving their tanks and armored vehicles behind everywhere” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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