China says its high-altitude long-range anti-stealth “Shendiao” drone is better than US drone

Newly disclosed photo of Shendiao drone

Newly disclosed photo of Shendiao drone

The following is based on a translation from a report in Chinese media:

According to, a pedigree of China’s military drones has been viral in Chinese military media. The most mystic in the pedigree is a high altitude, long-range, anti-stealth drone.

Now it appears that China has developed such a drone, thanks to cooperation with engineers from other countries – the “Shendiao.”

The Shendiao is a double-fuselage drone, developed by China, and will give the People’s Liberation Army long-range surveillance and strike capabilities.

It is larger than the U.S Air Force’s Global Hawk long-range surveillance drone, so therefore has superior performance.

There is no information about the drone except in a book titled Going Straight Forward: Aircraft Design Specialist Li Ming, which mentions Li Ming vigorously promoting cooperation with foreigners related to a high altitude anti-stealth drone.

According to the book, China needed to develop small multifunctional cheap early warning aircraft that are connected to a network and easy to use, as China was lacking in this area.

The Shendiao is an ideal drone to serve as radar sensors for a manned early warning aircraft. A group of Shendiaos can form a multi-based radar system, operating with a manned early warning aircraft.

No. 601 Research Institute has achieved this goal, and has developed an experimental “Shendiao” drone based on the international cooperation.

China’s defence strategy, outlined in a document made public this week, calls for increasing the range of its military forces further from its own coasts through what the Chinese call two island chains, stretching from northeast Asia through the South China Sea.

Pedigree of China’s military drones that is viral on China’s web

Pedigree of China’s military drones that is viral on China’s web

Contributed by Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements

Source: “Disclosure of China’s homegrown ‘Shendiao’ double-fuselage drone” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on he report in Chinese)


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  1. China’s new drone has “superior performance” only on paper, probably, hypothetically. It has not been combat-tested. And “developed with foreign engineers”? Well, that could be interpreted as stolen technology. China has lately been hyping up it’s new weapons. That could surely mean insecurity.



  1. China says its Shendiao drone can stop American stealth aircraft from invading Chinese airspace | China Daily Mail

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