China conducts live-ammunition anti-submarine drill to train reserve military staff for a future war

Launch of rockets in an anti-submarine drill

Launch of rockets in an anti-submarine drill

The following is based on a translation from a report in Chinese media:

According to, China conducted a naval drill for 4 days in a row including a live-ammunition anti-submarine drill.

120 retired noncommissioned officers took part in the drill.

When the alarm sounded, the crew participating in the drill took immediate action to lock on the targets underwater and soon destroyed them.

The retired noncommissioned officers said that through the training after retirement they had kept their skill as reserve officers so that when they were needed in a future war, they would be able to fight as efficiently as they did before retirement.

Zhang Hongjun, the person responsible for the drill, said that the reserve officers’ participation in the drill was aimed at speeding up the establishment of reserve combat capability.

The website’s reporter has learnt that the reserve noncommissioned officers will receive more than one week of training to renew their skill in operating military equipment.

Source: “HD: South Sea Fleet’s new-type warships conduct live-ammunition attack at ‘enemy’ submarines’” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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