China says neither Japan nor Australia supports US South China Sea ‘provocation’

Shinzo Abe and Xi Jinping

Shinzo Abe and Xi Jinping

The following is based on translations of reports in Chinese media:

A report in Chinese media says that Japan and Australia were the only two countries that expressed concern about China’s land reclamation in the South China Sea, along with US Defence Secretary Ash Carter at the Shangri-La Dialogue, but the United States cannot rely on their support in provoking China militarily. says in its report that, “Australian Prime Minister Abbott said that Australia did not take sides in the South China Sea disputes.” Abbott said so in reply to a reporter’s question at a press conference there.

The report says that Australia has signed a free trade agreement with China, which means its trade relations with China are very important.

For this reason, China naturally expects it will not join the US in military confrontation with China.

The report also said that at an exclusive interview with Hong Kong media Phoenix Satellite TV, Japanese Prime Minister Abe said in reply to a reporter’s question on the pact that in the future Japan will not repeat past mistakes and will persist in adopting peaceful means.

He deeply believes that there will not be military conflict between China and Japan. He said “We have sworn that we will not fight a war again. This will not be changed at all in the future.”

The report continues that China was Japan’s greatest potential trading partner. Abe hoped that there would be increasingly more Chinese people visiting Japan to understand Japan.

The report states that this is an important factor that Japan relies on for its economic recovery.

Source: “Australia Prime Minister: China is our good friend: We do not take sides in South China Sea disputes” and Singtao Daily “Abe guarantees there is no war again and opened his mind when meeting Xi” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the reports in Chinese)


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