Chinese media says US is China’s only deadly threat because US fears losing world leadership

US Warship

US Warship

The following is based on a translation of a report in Chinese media. As the report is in Chinese media, it can be regarded as an official statement from the ruling Communist Party:

Global Times had a report on US-China relations from Zheng Yongnian, a Chinese national who is professor and Director of the East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore.

Prof. Zheng said that the US is China’s only deadly threat due to US fear of China’s rise and replacement of the US as world leader.

According to Prof. Zheng, one of the major sources of the threat is American China experts’ rhetoric that describes China as an evil threat and urges US government to adopt a hardline attitude to contain China.

However, in US President Obama’s meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Obama accepted Xi’s concept of peaceful rise.

According to Prof. Zheng, US-China relations are not merely business, trade or other economic relations but vital relations concerning world peace or war.

That is why Xi attaches top importance to the relations and has been making every effort to improve them.

The report says that the US wants to maintain its position as world leader but its influence is declining.

China does not pursue world leadership but its rise as the greatest economic power will make others regard it as world leader.

The report concludes that, as a result, the conflict between the US and China with respect to world leadership remains a possibility.

Contributed by “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements” – Author of “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements” and “Space Era Strategy” – Also English/Chinese translation service

Global Times report: “Expert: the US is China’s only deadly threat: Lots of people speak evil of China” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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  1. As a strong proponent of strong friendly Sino-US relations this type of dialogue does nothing more than undermine the many people on both sides are doing to bring these two great nations closer together.



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