Chinese website claims US allies provided secret military assistance to China in defiance of international weapons embargo

KJ-2000 Airborne Early Warning and Control

KJ-2000 Airborne Early Warning and Control

The following is based on a translation from a report in Chinese media:

Chinese website in its recent article claims France, Israel and Ukraine made great contributions to China’s weapon modernisation, in defiance of an international weapons embargo.

The article says that since 1996 the US has used “The Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies” to enforce a strict weapons embargo against China.

In spite of that, France, Israel and Ukraine have given China substantial assistance in China’s defence modernisation.

The report says that France has made great efforts to help China’s rise to counter US hegemony, and that since de Gaulle took the initiative to establish diplomatic relations with China, France has provided a lot of weapons and weapon technology for China including Super Frelon, Super Puma and Dauphin helicopters, Naval Crotale air defence missiles, 100 mm warship guns and submarine sonar systems.

As soon as France commissioned its most advanced Mirage 2000B and 4000 fighter jets, it offered to sell the fighters to China. Chinese engineers visited and pilots test flew the fighters and were amazed by their experience.

As China was poor at that time, it could not afford such expensive aircraft. However, the experience was very helpful as it gave Chinese engineers and pilots ideas to independently develop their own planes in China.

The report says that, in spite of the EU’s strict ban, France has provided China with anti-submarine weapon systems, aircraft electronic equipment and new material and processing equipment for aviation instruments and apparatus.

In fact, it provided some parts, components and material for China’s J-10 fighter jets before 2010.

Even now, it is China’s major supplier of parts and components for aviation electronic equipment.

The report also claims that Israel has unlimited access to America’s most advanced weapon technology and has secretly transferred some of that technology to China, to show its thanks for the help China gave its people during World War II.

Israel signed a contract to provide the technology of early warning aircraft to China, but due to US pressure, it cancelled the contract.

However, it secretly provided China with samples and production technology for the parts of radar for such aircraft.

As a result, China was able to produce independently its KJ-200, KJ-2000 and KJ-500 AEW&C aircraft.

The report continues to say that Ukraine, though a signatory to the Wassenaar Arrangement, has provided China with about 30 military technologies since 1995, including those for key equipment related to aircraft carrier, carrier-based fighter jets, engines for large warships including aircraft carrier, design of large transport aircraft, supersonic trainer, tank engine and air-to-air missiles.

China’s J-15 carrier-based fighter jet was developed on the basis of the third prototype of the Russian SU-33 that Ukraine sold to China as scrap.

So was the hull of China’s only aircraft carrier the Liaoning. Even now, quite a few first-class Ukrainian weapon experts are employed by China in developing advanced Chinese weapons.

Contributed by “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements” – Author of “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements” and “Space Era Strategy” – Also English/Chinese translation service

Source: “Three major benefactors for China’s national defense are all US allies and friends but have betrayed the US” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the article in Chinese)


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