India, Japan and U.S. can shape China’s peaceful rise

Indian, Japanese and American Flags

Indian, Japanese and American Flags

Coordination among India, Japan and the U.S. on security cooperation and economic ties are essential because they can fundamentally talk about how they can “shape China’s rise in a peaceful way”, said Nicholas Szechenyi, Deputy Director and Senior Fellow – Japan Chair at the Centre for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS).

“India has unique interests with China, as does Japan and as does the U.S. They may not always align completely, but fundamentally if we are going to encourage China’s rise in a way that favours regional stability, I think this element of regional coordination among likeminded states is critical. Therefore India, Japan and U.S. have an important role to play,” Mr. Szechenyi told The Hindu on Tuesday.

The Japanese Cabinet on Tuesday approved a defence white paper for 2015 which sounded alarm over China’s “one sided maritime activities” in the South China Sea. China’s land reclamation in the South China Sea has increased tensions in the resource rich region which is contested by several nations.

On the Japanese white paper and their reinterpretation of the constitution, Mr. Szechenyi said the “collective self-defence” by Japan was defensive in posture and meant to deter an aggression.

It is a “delicate balancing act” between reassuring China and also demonstrating deterrence to dissuade it from following coercive actions that might destabilise the region.

On India’s role, Mr. Szechenyi pointed that Japan is set to join India and the U.S. in the Malabar maritime exercises in the Bay of Bengal and it is a sign of increased engagement and good way to “express shared interests”.

Source: The Hindu – ‘India, Japan and U.S. can shape China’s peaceful rise’


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