Cadence of Conflict: Asia, August 3, 2015



Propaganda backfired this week. Beijing wants more Internet censorship, almost to create a “Chinanet” akin to another Great Schism not seen since the Orthodox Church split from the West. TPP failed.

Students in Taiwan stormed government offices to keep out China-propaganda over “minor” changes to national curriculum.

An Australia-India-Japan alliance plumed out of nowhere.

Taiwan and Japan are kissing and making up. And some truth came through well-kept gates.

An 18-year-old got back from his year in North Korea. The North Koreans shower together like Americans and Romans. North Korean students are curious about mundane life in America. And, notably, North Koreans seem to agree with a Americans: Government is the problem, not the people.

Joshua Wang, Hong Kong, had an interview with the BBC and explained that the Umbrella Movement never really had a plan and never communicated a plan to the public.

But they did succeed in raising public awareness. In other words, the truth broke through in Hong Kong, just like the Pacific Daily Times’ Symphony told you it would, right here, almost ten months ago.

TPP talks make progress but no deal on Pacific trade

A Western student went to North Korea to study and he describes what it was like

China Pushes to Rewrite Rules of Global Internet

China monitoring Taiwanese officers’ communications

Better Get Used to it, China: Taiwan and Japan Will Get Closer

Asia’s New Geopolitics Takes Shape Around India, Japan, and Australia


US beat Taiwan 7-2 in World Cup final

…The photo tells the story of the “sore loser” attitude among Asians, as well as the difficult, “character building” experience Taiwan is going through.

Taiwan’s curriculum controversy

Curriculum academic sparks fury

…”Taiwan’s capital is Nanjing, with Taipei ‘the current capital’”

Students launch new movement

Wu, students end talks on sour note

…Minister of Education thanks protestors for opinion, no change

Taipei tells police to take ‘soft stance’ on students

Student protester commits suicide

After Young Taiwan Activist’s Suicide, Hundreds Storm Education Ministry

Group blames minister for death

Hong Kong

Joshua Wong: ‘We had no clear goals’ in Hong Kong protests

…Reflections on the movement, an awakening


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