Cadence of Conflict: Asia, August 10, 2015



A typhoon and some bad follow-up weather beat up Pacific Asia over the weekend and it’s not over. China’s controversial island building got ASEAN’s attention and John Kerry’s time. Beijing claims that island reclaiming has ceased, Kerry has not confirmed.

The typhoon was an interruption to many things this week, including the curriculum controversy in Taiwan: The demonstrators packed-up and now the government must clean up. But the typhoon was also a warning that Beijing should not be so concerned about whether its man-made military islands are safe from Kerry and ASEAN, but from typhoons and tsunamis.


China’s island building faces scrutiny at ASEAN forum

Kerry Urges China to Halt All Activities in Disputed Sea

Soudelor to Continue Flooding Risk in China, Expand Threat to South Korea


Curriculum talks with MOE break down

Teacher awarded compensation for Sunflower beating

Sorry Beijing, But Taiwan Isn’t Turning its Back on History—You Are

Two Myths About Taiwan’s DPP That Need to Be Laid to Rest

…How a prof at Missouri State University echos the same propaganda as China’s puppets in Taiwan

Nation attempts to regain its footing

…Taiwan in one of the strongest typhoons in over a decade


US has spied on Japanese government for a decade


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