Cadence of Conflict: Asia, August 17, 2015



Chinese marketing, Taiwanese elections, and new military toys. Both Taiwan and China have been touting their military equipment. This goes a bit beyond the usual saber rattling; it’s more like sabre “show and tell”.

China launches a recruitment video for it’s Navy (PLAN). Though, China is facing an aging labor force and lacks the resources to make the Navy in the video become a Navy much father from its own coast. Perhaps it’s lack of range is why China seeks to build new islands. The video of dropping bombs does not ease concerns that China wants to expand in other territories. But the fact that it’s marketing has gone to such lengths does provide some reason for confidence that it’s dreams are only dreams.

Taiwan’s elections are heating up and it’s nothing the international community should ignore. While an old pro-unification third party (PFP People’s First Party) candidate, who helped persecute the Taiwanese’s own native language, is slightly rising in the polls, Taiwan’s own “game of thrones” politics could offset the balance. Southern city Mayor William Lai has refused to attend city council meetings while the Speaker is under investigation for buying votes. Lee (the City Council Speaker) had attempted to flee the country just after the allegations were made, carrying a heavy load of luggage on a flight bound for China when authorities stopped him. He posted bail, resumed duties of the Speaker and expected Lai to attend meetings to make his meetings legitimate. Lai refused and, now, Lee’s own KMT party-controlled Control Yuan voted to impeach Mayor Lai last Monday 7-2. The process isn’t finished. But, this is where the politics become interesting.

Citizens of Lai’s city, Tainan, reelected him last year in one of Taiwan’s largest landslides. At the time, there had been questions over whether he would run for president two years later, competing with the widely supported Tsai Ing-wen from his own DPP party and abandoning his own post mid-term. If Mayor Lai is successfully impeached, he would be free of his post just in time to run as Tsai’s VP running mate, for which people in Tainan have already expressed wide support. If the KMT government does not impeach Lai before they lose the elections in 2016, then Lai will continue to refuse to attend Lee’s city council meetings, keeping the KMT powerless in Tainan City. The investigation against Lee is ongoing every bit as much at Taiwan’s failing KMT party politics.

The United States cracking down on Chinese spies in America, and warning Chinese expats to get out and get home, is reminiscent of the round-up of Japanese-Americans during WWII. And so, the Cadence continues.


Obama Administration Warns Beijing About Covert Agents Operating in U.S.

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‘Blood and genes’: China’s alarming new military recruitment campaign

…Video: China’s Naval recruitment, large tones of China’s own desire for greatness, see the translation later in the article.

China says its new JH-7 electronic fighter is able to shoot down stealth aircraft at medium range

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China’s massive economic advantage over the world is about to disappear

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Photos: African cities are starting to look eerily like Chinese ones

…Scroll down to see the picture of the Chinese designed and build HQ of the “African Union”


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Taiwan Unveils New Long-Endurance Drone, New Weapons at Defense Trade Show

…Taiwan’s new military toys

North Korea

North Korea is threatening war against the US using an especially hostile nuclear rhetoric

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