Cadence of Conflict: Asia, September 14, 2015



China managed to stay out of the lime light this week, while its satellites shined. There seemed to be some chest thumping. Chinese police ordered local Taiwanese police to investigate a Taiwanese suspect without going through their normal international channels.

According to a statement from Zhang Xiaoming, chief of the Hong Kong liaison office from Beijing, the Hong Kong CEO has supremacy over the other branches, which have separation of powers “under the leadership of the executive”. On the surface this seems to run contrary to HK’s Basic Law as well as other statements from Beijing officials. HK remains under Beijing ultimately and there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of power abuse. But, they are thumping their chests.

Singapore remains free and independent, with more seats up for grabs and more voters than any time in history. Japan is having a bad year with a flood; 3,000 evacuated. North Korea thinks it is humanitarian and that the UN is wrong. Quartz thinks that what NK and the UN thinks is newsworthy. Then, there’s the mosquitoes…

The popular Tainan City mayor in Taiwan, William Lai, is slipping slightly as uncontained mosquitoes have reportedly as of Saturday, infected 8,022 people in his city with Dengue since May, making almost 90% of the national outbreak of 9,103. Related deaths are at 44, 18 confirmed. 617 new cases were reported on Friday, which seems to be a peak. Friday’s total was 7,660. The city has sprayed and mosquitoes can barely be found. Though the incubation period is about two weeks and hospitals can treat the disease if caught early enough.

The mosquito Dengue problem in Tainan is a semi-big deal. William Lai’s positive reputation is mostly based around not being corrupt while not having many acclaimed achievements during his tenure. He is a 2016 VP consideration and his calm response to Dengue could hurt his popularity.

While the news doesn’t seem so new, the Taiwan mosquito flashback to Japan’s era adds to the dullness. The region is getting distracted with nature.


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