China will get newest 40N6E missiles in 2017 with a range of 380 km

Russia’s world most advanced S-400 air defence system

Russia’s world most advanced S-400 air defence system

The following is based on a translation of a report on a Chinese news site:

A report on says a Russian air defence system supplier has revealed that it will begin to deliver its newest S-400 systems with 40N6E air defence missiles in 2017 but refuses to reveal the quantity of delivery.

According to other sources, the supplier will sell four battalions of the S-400 to China.

However, the air defence radar, control and command systems will be delivered a little earlier.

The newest 40N6E missiles passed acceptance tests in 2015.

It has a range of 380 km and can intercept a ballistic missile at the speed of 4,800 meters per second (Mach 14.1), while the S-300PMU2 missiles China has already received from Russia can only intercept a ballistic missile at the speed of 2,800 meters per second (Mach 8.2).

The new radar to be delivered earlier is the 91N6E with S waveband and a range of search of 600 km, much longer than that of the Russian S-300 China already has.

The command and control system is much better with faster data transmission and 100 km longer range of transmission and able to track 300 targets simultaneously.

The S-400’s X-waveband 92N6E illumination radar can deal with 10 targets, induce 20 missiles simultaneously and has an illumination range of 390 km.

Contributed by “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements” – Author of “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements” and “Space Era Strategy” – Also English/Chinese translation service

Source: “China buys S-400 equipped with 40N6E missiles with a range of 380 km” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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