Cadence of Conflict: Asia, February 1, 2016



Age of provocation. China warned everyone, this week. Soros had better not declare war on Chinese currency—or else. Taiwan had better not do a lot of things. The US had better not do a lot of things. Basically, the world “had better not”.

The Pacific conflict is reaching the point where China expects a World v China scenario. Whatever China is doing to make enemies is so powerful that not even Obama can stay low key—whether he wants to or not. Beijing’s “magnetic” personality is drawing all guns to point east.

Taiwan is beginning its political transition, not without its own rumours. The DPP opposition took the legislature today. The new president won’t be sworn in for a few months. But with the vast majority already in power in the legislature and local governments, the lame duck, Ma, is strung up by his webbing. All anyone can do about Taiwan is quack; the president, president-elect, and even Beijing.


China warns Soros against ‘declaring war’ on its currency | Market Watch

On visit to Beijing, Kerry urges easing of South China Sea tensions | SCMP

The US is being “dangerous and irresponsible” in the South China Sea, Beijing says | Quartz

China sends three activists to jail for ‘inciting subversion’ | Taipei Times – Reuters


Ninth legislature to vote on speaker | Taipei Times

Presidential Office blasts Tsai Ing-wen for criticism | Taipei Times

Rumors of China cutting visitor numbers to Taiwan false: bureau | Focus Taiwan


Japanese military on alert as activity suggests possible N Korea missile test | Taipei Times – Reuters

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  1. Taiwanese warship accidentally fires missile towards China | China Daily Mail

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