China says it leads the world by achieving 102 seconds of nuclear fusion at 50 million degrees Celsius

China’s EAST Tokamak nuclear fusion device

China’s EAST Tokamak nuclear fusion device

The following is based on a translation of a report in Chinese media:

According to’s report, China’s EAST physical experiment in Hefei, Anhui Province has achieved plasma electric generation by nuclear fusion for 102 seconds at a temperature of 50 million degree Celsius

This is longer than the 60 seconds EU and Japanese scientists have achieved.

China’s EAST is a Tokamak magnetic plasma confining device for generation of electricity with nuclear fusion, which, if it succeeds, will provide unlimited cheap energy.

EAST’s target is to achieve 1,000 seconds of generation at 100 million degree Celsius, which hopefully may enable peaceful application of nuclear fusion.

Source: “China’s ‘man-made sun’ generates electricity for 102 seconds, the world longest so far” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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  1. China Says it Leads the World by Achieving 102 Seconds of Nuclear Fusion at 50 million Degrees Celsius


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