Cadence of Conflict: Asia, April 25, 2016



North Korea launched a missile that travelled 1/10 the distance it needs to. Pyongyang considered it a “success”.

China has come to a consensus about it’s activity in the South China Sea.

The consensus did not include all ASEAN nations. And, the US continues to disagree with the consensus.

The City Council Speaker of a southern Taiwan city, Tainan, was found guilty of “vote buying”. This was the second guilty verdict.

He was relieved of his speakership the next day, placing control of City Council back in the hands of the majority party, same as the popular Mayor William Lai.

Former Speaker Lee is a member of the KMT, which recently lost the national elections for the legislature and the presidency. With Lee removed from the Speakership, Mayor Lai will no longer protest City Council meetings, removing over a year of city-wide gridlock.

China lands military plane on disputed South China Sea reef | BBC

The Latest: US Says World Closer to Key Goal on Climate Deal | ABC

North Korea launches missile from submarine | CNN

…flew 30km, though it needs to fly 300km to be useful

Court finds Lee guilty of buying votes in Tainan | Taipei Times

…Speaker of the Tainan City Council removed, gridlock ends in city with China’s strongest opposition

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