Cadence of Conflict: Asia, June 6, 2016



This week we see a new classroom game called “China Says”. China wants everyone to say that the South Sea is theirs. Manila wants Japan to say that Pacific nations should say otherwise.

China says that no one else should say otherwise. The US says that China should be careful about what it says and does.

Taiwanese say that Tienanmen was a “massacre”, saying that Taiwan’s president is “disappointing” for saying Tienanmen was an “incident”.

John Kerry says that China should listen to what Hague says. China says that what Hague says doesn’t matter. Taiwan also says that what China says about the South Sea “Air Defence Zone” doesn’t matter. China says that there is no fear of trouble.

South China Sea set to dominate Singapore security summit | Reuters

Taiwan Says It Will Not Recognize a Chinese Air-Defense Zone Over the South China Sea | TIME

China repeats refusal to abide by South China Sea ruling | Jakarta Post

US Secretary of State John Kerry urges China to obey maritime laws as bilateral talks start | Zee News

In pushback to U.S., China says ‘has no fear of trouble’ in South China Sea | Reuters

Spirit of Tiananmen lives on in Taiwan | Taipei Times


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