Cadence Column: Asia, August 8, 2016



China, China, China. That’s what we see in headlines and it’s what we see in the Pacific. Japan objects to 230 Chinese vessels swarming disputed islands.

Chinese jets swarm over its man-made islands. And none of the actions of China come accidentally.

CNBC reports a closed and undisclosed meeting of top Communist Party officials.

Beijing may be unaware that they are setting a precedent for each country in a dispute to send 230 vessels—or maybe not.

Maybe Beijing thinks other countries can’t compete with Chinese force. Or, maybe a confrontation is what Beijing wants.

The unreported factor in the Pacific dispute is that each country acts according to a psychology foreign to all others.

Meet the China ‘whisperers’ who get the big deals done in Silicon Valley | WA Post

China conducts ‘combat patrols’ over contested islands | Yahoo – Reuters

A secret meeting of leaders in a Chinese beach town could determine the future of the country | CNBC

Japan protests after swarm of 230 Chinese vessels enters waters near Senkakus | Japan Times

Source: Pacific Daily Times

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