Cadence Column: Asia, September 26, 2016



The iPhone 7 is why Taiwan’s market jumped last week. The US presidential debate is why the Asian market dipped Monday. At least, that’s what the “experts” say.

The US and Philippine militaries will practice, especially since the Philippine president thinks he needs more US troops in his back yard pool. China flew no small number of jets past Japan in their own rehearsals—for something. China is also investigating North Korea’s banking connection to their nukes. South Korea won’t help with relief from the devastating Tumen river flood in North Korea for concern that Kim would take the credit and bolster his power. And, the headline news from Taiwan is typhoon Magi, the approaching storm.

Two things are for sure: There is more than one storm brewing in the Eastern Pacific and money is involved in all of them.

China air force holds drills near Japanese islands | Aljazeera

Philippines to host US military drills after Duterte softens stance | SCMP

China probes North Korea bank suspected of nuclear link, reports the South | Telegraph

S. Korea rules out flood aid to N. Korea | Yahoo – AFP

Asia markets lower while awaiting Clinton versus Trump debate, OPEC meeting | CNBC

TAIEX rises on surprise popularity of iPhone 7 | Taipei Times

Typhoon Megi prompts sea warning | Taipei Times

Source: Pacific Daily Times

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