Cadence of Conflict: Asia, October 17, 2016



China expanded its network this week. The focal point was the BRICS summit. But, China also expanded its network into Space, sending Shenzhou 11 to the Tiangong 2 Space laboratory.

Meanwhile, back here on Earth, China’s solar, trade, and finance network expanded into roads with India, fighting terrorism with Russia, and world peace with South Africa. Aerospace was also on the table; South Africa has drones, solar batteries, and wind turbines. The activity at BRICS is all so fascinating, it feels like a day at Silicon Valley.

The excitement wasn’t limited to BRICS. China also wiped-out a huge chunk of debt in a State visit to Cambodia. Cambodia borrowed more money. Who wouldn’t?

The week of tech and finance continued elsewhere in the Pacific. Taiwan is manufacturing military parts for the US, not only for the Wolf A1 Carbine, but also PAC-3 Patriot missiles.

But, tech week didn’t go so well for Northern Korea. Their Musudan missile test failed, at least according to the Pentagon. Bummer. Everything else was so exciting.

China’s Shenzhou 11 blasts off on space station mission | BBC

‘Old friend’ Russia backs zero tolerance to terror | Tribune (India)

BRICS: China may put renewed pressure on India to join Belt and Road Initiative | Hindustan Times

China, S. Africa pledge deepened cooperation within BRICS, FOCAC | Global Times

BRICS countries showcase cutting edge technologies to boost trade links | Business Standard

China backs Brics nations despite global uncertainty | BBC

Chinese Loans to Cambodia Spark Sharp Words Between Government, Opposition | RFA

US missiles to use Taiwanese-developed technology | Taipei Times

Taiwanese made rifle parts to be sold in US: report | Taipei Times

U.S. Detects Failed North Korean Missile Test: Pentagon | Huffington

Source: Pacific Daily Times

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