Cadence Column: Asia, March 20, 2017



North Korea made headlines again. Reports have it that North Korea performs a routine ritual of saber rattling every spring. It’s definitely “saber spring” in “Kim world”. Trump thinks the Great Successor is a naughty boy, behaving very “badly”.

China’s answer is to educate the US on calmness and diplomacy, while continuing to build weaponized islands in the South Sea. The US is certainly paying attention. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just made a pit stop in China. While the US won’t take anything off the table, including pit stops and naming that “military action” won’t be taken off the table, the stronger, less visible, and probably more important response from the US is money. The Fed is raising interest rates and China appears to be in some kind of economic cross-hairs.Kim Jong-Un warns North Korea ready to deploy NUKES if US ‘fires a SINGLE bullet’ | Express

US Won’t Rule Out Preemptive Military Strike Against North Korea | Gizmodo

China to US: Be ‘cool-headed’ on North Korea | CNN

Donald Trump slams North Korean | Sun

China’s plans to build bases on Scarborough Shoal raises tensions | News

Tillerson ends China trip with warm words from President Xi | Yahoo – Reuters

US Fed rate moves could spell the end of easing in Asia | Taipei Times

Source: Pacific Daily Times

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