Is China really out to rule the world? The Greentown ‘Ruling Class’

Silent Invasion by Clive Hamilton

Is China educating an elite class of students with the plan of seeding them into positions of power in Western democracies?

In his book Silent Invasion, Professor Clive Hamilton talks about a meeting in 2004 where Chinese Communist Party Secretary Hu Jintao instructed envoys from around the world that Australia was to be brought under China’s sphere of influence — politically, culturally and in every way.

The plan is apparently to put agents of influence into Australia’s major political parties and business organisations so they will support China’s position on global affairs, and submit to whatever Beijing wants.

Hamilton states that this is to test Beijing’s methods, with a view to placing such agents in other western countries in the future, to gain control there as well.

My own experiences in China support this view, with a large Chinese corporation with links to the Communist Party apparently having plans to place gifted Chinese students in positions to assume roles as leaders of western countries and international corporations.

Greentown China Holdings Limited is based in Hangzhou, China, and owns the prestigious Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua School.

The school describes its Ruling Program as a type of international cultural exchange program with leading schools in the United States and Britain, based on a fictitious United Nations Program model of education.

However, the clue to the real purpose of the program is in its name — the Ruling Program. It is also called The Ruling Class.

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