China to build Kra Canal across Thailand to bypass Malacca Strait

Kra Canal

According to The Diplomat’s article “Thailand’s Kra Canal: China’s Way Around the Malacca Strait” on April 6, the 200-year-old dream about the canal might finally become a reality under China’s Belt and Road.

The article says, “Most recently, the Thai-Chinese Cultural and Economic Association and the European Association for Business and Commerce participated in a conference on the Kra Canal in Bangkok in September 2017 and a follow-up event on February 1, 2018, signaling a greater interest in executing the project.”

China is reportedly willing to provide the approximately $28 billion fund and technological support to Thailand for the canal and Thai government is trying to attract other international funding from Japan, South Korea, India, and ASEAN countries.
According to the article, China regards the canal as part of its Belt and Road project in its 21st century maritime Silk Road for connection to the Middle East and Europe through the ports.

It is also investing in Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and it is very likely that the canal may become a reality. In fact, the canal will also benefit Japan, South Korea, India, and ASEAN countries so the project may become quite popular.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee based on The Diplomat’s article.

Source: Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements – China to Build Kra Canal to Bypass Malacca Strait


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2 replies

  1. Canals are great and strongly enhance commerce.
    It reduces time of travel and thus less polution by very large diesel engines driving ships.
    On the other hand it must give commanders of Naval Ships cold sweats having to travers a channel, being it the Panama, Suezz or any other water body wich completly strangles their mode of operandi.
    In that it is for the world a double blessing.
    Makes me think though, lets imagin a war is at hand and Naval ships traversing canals are bombed at will and sunk, (not very deep)blocking those canals, what a desaster that would be.
    Or a blessing in disguise for peace loving members of the human race who are sick and fucken tired of war mongers, no matter where they come from or what lies they tell to deceive the public at large so they can push their own psycho agendas!

    Keep digging my friends, build that canal and many more if you can, great idea!

    Luv yah all.


  2. The Chinese will consider that canal as THEIR property when finished as it will be considered as strategic to the defense of CHINA! Big mistake if Thai let Chinese own Thai property. You will never get the Chinese out. Chinese always lie and steal. Warning!!!


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