The coming China-Korea Reintegration

A copy of an official Korean record written in ‘Middle Korean’ showing the transition of using Chinese characters to Modern Korean (picture from Wikipedia)

Trump confirmed personally that he would be meeting Kim Jong-un in May or early June. As I have said many times in the past three years, the United States has “no other choice but talk”.

Therefore, it was Pyongyang to determine ‘when’, that is, after the nuclear and long-range missile tests have reached certain functional level so much so that they can be powerful enough to become bargaining chips for ‘denuclearization’.

While the low-grade analysts are still foolishly pondering or struggling to understand how Beijing and Pyongyang ‘worked’ and ‘would work’ together, or how the denuclearization may proceed, let us move ahead of them to go into the next agenda item.

It can be viewed as two sides of a coin. From the Western perspective, it is the future of the Seoul-Washington relationship. From the Chinese vantage point, it is about the China-Korea reintegration.

The Chinese and Korean civilizations were closely connected in the past 1,800 years. From language and literature, clothing, chopsticks, to seniority culture, government structure … you can trace their similarities to the ancient times.

Such a connection degraded during the Japanese colonial rule (1910-45), and the divergence accelerated after WWII in the wake of the arrival of the American influence.

However, the Korean experience of living with the American influence was not that pleasant, bearing in mind the Park Chung-hee administration (1963-79) in particular. As one of the reasons why President Moon Jae-in moved closer to North Korea is that Trump is unreliable in defending South Korea, the Seoul-Washington relationship would probably turn sour.

The Beijing-Korea relation will instead become closer to the extent that it could be a sort of ‘re-integration’ (some more updates in future). Now, it is too early to tell how good it could be, but I am sure Beijing will work very very hard because it is a significant move to counteract Washington’s Indo-Pacific policy.

The opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail.

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  1. I am a firm believer that in the next hundred years (or sooner) you will start to see many new smaller countries arise.
    The very large one size fits all does not work!
    Having sad that, we should not forget the history of China and Korea, it goes back a very long time.
    As China is struggeling to keep Taiwan from slipping away, (wich it will never allow to happen) it has also much to gain to re-solidify the old realtions of the past between Korea and China.
    Looks and language are a lot closer between China and Korea, compared to a tall American GI walking the streets of a Korean city! Blood runs thicker than water!
    In this slow pressure cooker of Asian politics versus the west, much will still take place, before dinner is served.

    May God help us all.


  2. What has the role of China been toward the Koreas the last 70 years? China has ensured the slavery, poverty and misery of 25,000,000 N. Koreans while the US has ensured the peace and prosperity of 50 million S. Koreans. The US may have (may still have) issues about its trustworthiness for several years but compared to China the US is a pillar of stability. The US, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and all of SE Asia will become closer over the next several years in response to Chinese expansion into the South China Sea and their claims of Japanese territory. Flaunting international agreements signed by China’s Dear Leader Mao will also play its role in forcing Asian countries away from China and toward themselves, but not necessarily toward the US as the US will play a smaller role than the previous decades. The Chinese think that its neighbors will give up their sovereignty for economics, but what the Chinese don’t realize is that their neighbors understand that their economics don’t rely on an all-powerful China. I think Mr. Hui has completely misread and misunderstands what President Trump is doing concerning Asia. President Trump is achieving exactly opposite what the majority of Chinese (as well as the world) believe he is doing by his, at times, outrageous comments and policies. President Trump is a student of Sun Tzu, I suggest a rereading might help you in understanding what is happening.


    • Let us make some points clear:

      [1] Beijing has done a lot to support the Kim family regime in North Korea, no doubt about it. The gap of the living standard between the average Koreans in the North (relatively poorer) and South (relatively wealthier) has been widening over the past 70 years, no doubt about it.

      [2] Saying that “the US has ensured the peace and prosperity of 50 million S. Koreans” sounds like a gratitude to the American support of the Park Chung-hee administration (1963-79) and an ignorance of the sufferings of most Koreans in the South.

      [3] By reading the World Bank data, everyone who is able to understand numbers can appreciate how China and the ASEAN countries made splendid progress through a series of win-win commercially-sound arrangement. In this process, of course, not all achieved the same degree of development, some faster, some slower. Is it fair to blame China for all those lag behind? Take a look at President Duterte who is more interested in improving the well being of the grassroots people. It does not make sense to get locked into a dispute over some islands at the expense of the millions of people’s livelihood. Waste no time on slogans and emotion, do something real to find foods and shelters for the people in need.

      [4] The Americans, be they the populist Trump supporters or liberal univerisalists or neo-con, are no longer able to retain their hegemony. It is not because they are less powerful militarily or financially, but because they have lost the trustworthiness. Take a look at what they did in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Read MIT Professor Noam Chomsky’s 2016 book “Who rules the World” and then you know what the American governments had really done to the world in the past 50 years.

      [5] If you agree that China is “all-powerful” as what you said, please dig deep to find out why China could be so powerful. Long gone is Chairman Mao, now it is the new generations of Helmsman rulers governing China. Learn more about their leadership training.

      It takes long time and hardship to nurture a humble ability of getting some small pieces of insights. Please correct me if you can prove what or how I am wrong. If you are from Taiwan, please be kindly advised that I will write more about Taiwan in future. Thank you.


  3. “Is it fair to blame China for all those lag behind?” To the extent that China has advanced the doctrine of Marxism around the globe and especially to its neighbors, yes, it is quite fair to assign substantial blame to China. Never in the history of mankind has any ideology been the cause of so much suffering, so much poverty, so much misery, so much killing as Marxism. China’s Mao is responsible for roughly 50 million lives taken. Russia’s Stalin roughly 20 million lives taken. Hitler’s Nationalist Socialists (Nazis) took 11 million lives of which 6 million were specifically Jewish. Pol Pott took 2 million lives. Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pott were all Leftists. Some argue that Hitler was of the right. But this is wrong. Just read the Nazi political platforms. The planks were leftist issues and values. Marxism and its adherents, Mao and Chinese leadership included, have devastated the Chinese and grossly retarded the advancement of a great people. The Americans adopted a government form over 200 years ago that secured the liberties of its people regardless of race, sex, class, wealth, and much else. It embraced a government wherein the citizen was greater than the government and by doing so catapulted forward the advancement of all mankind. There have many, many errors along the way of this democratic experiment that is still onging. But there have also been great advancements for human rights and quality of life that are impossible with other forms of government, all history of which illustrates the suffocating tyranny of every other form of government.

    If you ever wanted to see contrasts between communism and free markets, look no further than the Koreas or the Germanies. South Korea and West Germany liberated their citizens and prospered them in nearly every way. North Korea and East Germany oppressed their people insuring widespread poverty and dependence on government. Yes, China has substantial blame for being an important part of the communist community and spreading this toxic ideology around the globe.

    As for Noam Chomsky, you read a fool. By reading a fool, you’ll begin to think like a fool. If you want to read truth about history or about the Americans, read Paul Williams. Read Dennis Prager. Read Mark Levin. Humility is an excellent virtue and I respect it in you. But Noam Chomsky knows nothing of humility.


    • Mao did do something wrong … but claiming that “The Americans adopted a government form over 200 years ago that secured the liberties of its people regardless of race, sex, class, wealth, and much else” is, to say the least, to close the eyes seeing no sufferings of the black in the US and other continents. Bombing of reservoirs was regarded as a war crime in the Hague Court but the American bombing of reservoirs in North Korea during the Korean War was not reported by the major mass media until some people asked “Why so North Koreans hate us?” (please read Tom O’Connor’s 1,347-word Newsweek article “What war with North Korea looked like in the 1950s and why it matters now” ).

      Do some more research on history and facts, get to know the bloody acts done by the mankind. I am not innocent, too. I am part of this killing story of humankind, but at least I do my job of knowing who did what, and make an effort to have a fair view. Noam Chomsky may be a radical but he helps dig up the some hidden agenda. World Bank reports and data all show that China has done a lot to improve the poverty problems, though still far from desire, in the Third World where the OECD failed over the past 50 years.

      China since Deng is attempting to reshape the world order, no doubt about it, and many people dislike it. However, so long as China is not using the approach used by the colonists in the 17-20th centuries and the like, I believe many peoples here and there are free to turn down the offers if they do not think it is a ‘win-win’ deal. So, keep on negotiating for a better deal with someone else.



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