China again threatening to invade Philippines island of Pagasa

Pagasa Island

It appears that China, emboldened by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s kowtowing to China, is once again planning to invade the Philippines island of Pagasa.

China’s plans to invade Pagasa, known as Zhongye by the Chinese, were first revealed in a world exclusive by China Daily Mail in January 2014.

This led to representations by the Philippines government to the Chinese government, who at first denied any plans to invade.

Presented with  overwhelming evidence that they were lying, the Chinese government finally admitted that they were pklanning to invade the island, but stated they were justified because they claim the island belongs to them.

As a result of China’s plans, the United States Navy asserted that they would abide by their mutual defence treaty with Philippines, meaning that they would expel Chinese troops from the island if they invaded.

Faced with inevitable defeat by the Americans, China dropped their plans to invade.

They officially announced their intention not to invade the island in August 2014.

However, in August 2017, it was reported that two Chinese law enforcement ships and nine Chinese “maritime militia” vessels were sailing close to Pagasa, presumably to test the waters for a future invasion.

China has armed it’s fishing fleet in the South China Sea, and provided them with military training.

There were no protests from Manila about China’s incursion into Philippines territory.

China went further – a Philippine government ship from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources was prevented by the Chinese maritime militia from going near the island.

In Novemeber 2017, Philippines President Rodrigo Dutetrtes willingly caved to Chinese demands that the Philippines stop construction of shelters for Philippines fishermen on the islands.

Now, following a humiliating backdown on autobile tariffs for United States vehicles due to US President Donald Trump’s planned trade war, the Chinese government seeks to incite nationalism at home.

Inciting nationalism is the main tool the Chinese government has to give itself legitimacy to continue ruling.

In this case, Pagasa is seen as an easy target, due to President Duterte’s submission to the Chinese government.

By reclaiming territory considered stolen from the Chinese, the Chinese government can appear powerful to the Chinese people.

It appears now is the time for an invasion of Pagasa to achieve that goal.

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6 replies

  1. People should be aware that in the 1930s on the news of the French claiming the Spratleys, the Chinese government did not know where they were. When told, they issued a statement saying “anything south of Triton Island is of no concern to China”.
    Now suddenly they own everything! Lies, lies lies, followed by more lies. Never to be trusted!


  2. With the present attitude of the Duterte government being subservient to China, it wouldn’t be farfetched when we wake up one day under the Chinese rule.


  3. It still needs to be verified. No news is coming from the Department of National Defense, or the Navy and the Military. As reported by the Mayor of that locality, the Chinese did show up some time last year near Pag-asa island, creating tensions among the residents on their presence and real motive. I’ll wait and see the Philippine government’s response at the matter.


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